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Autumn depression or cold? Deliver them with a suitable diet

Maybe you've heard somewhere that every substance can be a drug but also a poison. It only depends on the dose in which it is administered. The same can be paraphrased for food and food.

Try to think: If you overeat with sweets and fast food meals, will you be healthy? But if you give such food exceptionally and for pleasure only, will it harm you?

I think the answers are obvious. But we all want to feel good for most of our time. With the coming autumn, however, it is much worse than the beautiful sunny summer. This is why quality food and energy refueling is not a "fast food", but good soups, a warmer and more meaty diet, and a meal made from fresh food . Ideally with love.

Prepare your body for the winter

What do you think, will you get more soup or a cold green salad? Meat or yoghurt? Ginger or tomato? Even foods have their thermal properties and patterns that are worth respecting. If you are not strictly supportive of raw food, you may feel the need to eat warmer meals and internally heat up more. Such food will give you more energy and prepare for cooler days.

Among the cooling foods, we include a large portion of fresh fruit and vegetables. Even mineral water. On the other hand, warming food is usually a variety of spices, meat and even nuts. Nonetheless, we add more heat to the heat-treatment of cooling foods, making them more digestible more easily for the colder part of the year.

So what do you want to buy for the autumn days and prepare it for a pantry and a fridge?

Ginger - this is how you keep supplying the whole winter. Together with cloves, honey and cinnamon it is a genial "expeller" of colds and at the same time a heavily warming food, which you can even add roasted meat. You do not have to use it only for "anti-fluffy" tea.
Meat and bones - such a bone-broth or broth will put you on your feet. Boil the long-drawn broth, add extra root vegetables such as carrot, parsley and celery, spices (new spices, pepper, bay leaves) and even onions and garlic, and you have a genius panacea as our ancestors knew.
Apples and pears - grab them on butter with raisins and cinnamon, grab them or buy and enjoy it in the form of a sapper. Put the must in a delicious autumnal drink instead of wine, heat up and add energy in healthy sugar and heat.
Garlic and onion
- I do not need to mention their warming, antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal effects. In autumn and during flu epidemics, they should be part of our kitchen, but you can also make home-made syrup and use them in a variety of folk medicine.

Soothe your nerves

An excellent natural antidepressant is not only suitable in autumn is fish oil. If you are not fond of fresh fish or you are not trying to eat them in sufficient quantity, eat them or their fat in the food supplements. A similar service will also make you tea or a St. John's wort food supplement.

Author: Veronika Hanzlíková
Source: U lékař

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