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The Prague Zoo is looking forward to the younger guardsman

A young guerése cloak was born on Tuesday at the Prague Zoo. Visitors can already see it in an exposition of these primates, located at the bottom of the Monkey Zoo. The addition is white in color and short curly hair, contrasting with parents.

The mother of the latest addition to the Prague Zoo is the 15-year-old female Lomel. "After the baby's birth, she cleaned the baby thoroughly, and it was borrowed for a short while by the other members of the group," says Vít Lukáš, the primate curator from the Prague Zoo, adding: "The young is lively and is curious to explore the surroundings. It has a good grip as well as a suction reflex and it is very often used by the mother. "

The young man who came to the world on November 14 is 37th in the breeding of the Prague zoo. His gender will be clear after some time. Guerées cloaked from Africa and received their name according to the contrasting raincoat of long white hairs. Visitors are very fond of these primates, and they can admire them in the Prague Zoo since 1969. The present group consists of male Katanga, Lomel and Lucie and their five young ones.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Photo to tz: Vít Lukáš

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