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How do you not let this Christmas endless?

There is less than Christmas until Christmas, and the bustle on our wallets is literally a fall. In addition, most of us spend much more than we originally imagined for gifts, decorations and everything else, and unfortunately, they do not even know what it was for. Come on this smartly this year and avoid the unpleasant New Year wake from an empty wallet.

Make a list for Santa

While Christmas presents are inherently inherent, most of us unfortunately do not know how much they really need! But if you create a list of everyone you want to enjoy this Christmas, you do not waste money on gifts such as "I like it, I buy it, and then I will give it to someone", but you do not give up because it will not throw it for anybody . And if you do not have a paper version of your lists, try one of the Christmas mobile apps that you can keep in touch with gift tips, price information, or stores where you can get them.

Christmas budget as a prevention of financial difficulties

Christmas is undoubtedly the most financially challenging period of the year, so ending up in the minus is not hard at all. By compiling a budget that includes all Christmas costs, such as gifts, trees, candy and christmas dinner, wrapping paper or decorations, you can easily slip into red numbers. But think, not how "I'll pay for it" , but "How much can I really spend" ? Just so you are ready and after Christmas you may be pleasantly surprised.

The closer Christmas is, the more expensive gifts

It does not seem like at first glance, so the Christmas is closer, the more expensive and more expensive. Nervous running around shopping centers just a few days before Christmas Eve and resignation in the form of buying everything that comes to you at the end regardless of the price is also quite costly enough. Additionally, if you postpone purchases, the gifts you plan to buy will be sold out, and it will return you back to running around shops and desperate purchases of anything.

Drag the hidden reserves of your common household

Having a couple of hundred crowns per month is good for the whole year, but before Christmas it's double. Focus your attention on telephone tariffs, insurance, or individual loan installments, and you may find that by optimizing these regular payments you can save a fair amount.

The comfort of home and more cheaply? Shop online

A much wider offer of goods and at a fraction of the price than in our domestic shops? That's exactly how shopping on foreign portals looks like (Ebay, Aliexpress Wish ..). For a successful purchase, a few basic rules are needed, such as checking vendor references or taking into account the amount of VAT and customs purchases, but for example toys for your kids that you could not buy because of the high price they could get in the store it does pay off.

Shop on the days when it really pays off

" Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday " are celebrating tens of per cent of electronics, cosmetics, apparel, perfumes and other commodities last Monday, not just in America, but for the last few years in our country. Taking the opportunity to buy Christmas presents at the best prices of the year or even a fraction of their price is one of the most economical decisions you can make before Christmas. So if you can keep your shopping list. If you are afraid of "shopping madness" in stores, you can also buy from the comfort of home on the Internet. In addition, in some e-shops, Black Friday runs for several days, so you can think quietly ..

Source: tz Cofidis, edited editorially

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