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Ziggy Marley at Colors of Ostrava 2018

"Reggae is a mantra and meditation. Reggae is rhythm and consciousness. Its potential is endless, "says Ziggy Marley. This eight-time Grammy owner and Bob Marley's oldest son, legend, will play for the first time in the Czech Republic at the Colors of Ostrava 2018 festival.

"We have been trying for this great musical personality, which is also known for its extensive philanthropic activities, for several years. I'm glad that her first Czech concert is going to be the next Colors of Ostrava, " says Zlatá Holušová, director of the festival.

"There is always a way ahead, there is always hope in the next sunrise, the next second and the next minute," says Ziggy Marley motto. Just as the father took on the role of a disseminator of love, positive vibration, and peace. "Instead of walking down the paved sidewalk, he went on his own musical journey: his innovative reggae with catchy melodies grabbed much more rock, funky, soul and pop," adds Zlata Holušová.

David Nesta Marley , the eldest son of Bob and Rita Marley, was nicknamed Ziggy by Ziggy Stardust David Bowie. In jamaican slang, it is called joint. As a little he moved around his father's The Wailers; after his death, his siblings founded the successful group The Melody Makers and in 2003 he embarked on a solo career. Ziggy Marley is a complex artist: in his catalog we can find an album and an illustrated book for children, a cookbook, bio-food production and a Marijuanaman comic book .

Concurrently with music, Ziggy's philanthropy goes: in the belief that children represent an unlimited source of our future, and the more we can give them, the more we enlighten ourselves, we start with URGE's wife helping the poor children in Jamaica, Africa and wherever it is needed . She also collaborates with the United Nations and Little Kids Rock non-profit music educators. In music he relies heavily on himself, but he likes to stand on the side of many great stars: Angelique Kidjo, Taj Mahal, The Chieftains, Paul Simon, Sting or Dony Summer. His music has also appeared in many films and documentaries. Social activism involving nature conservation naturally came into Ziggy's texts, claiming inspiration draws on all sides - "from the whole universe, humanity, love, and places they do not even know where they are."

The next edition of the Colors of Ostrava festival will take place from 18th to 21st July 2018 in the unique industrial area of ​​Dolní Vítkovice in Ostrava.

Ziggy Marley - Love Is My Religion
Ziggy Marley - Is This Love (Live)

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