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Flamenco Day Day begins

The celebrations of the International Flamenco Day, which will be launched in Prague today, will heat and heat the cold Prague autumn by the Andalusian sun, passion and temperament. Flamenco Day, which will take place for the third time, will be launched by the leading dancers of the contemporary flamenco scene in La Moneta, Spain.

The highlights of the festival will surely include Friday's performance of a charismatic singer with the unmistakable voice of Duquende , a long-time co-worker of Paco de Lucía. He also rewards his model and predecessors in the band Pac de Lucía, Camarón de la Isla. Together with him, he will present a remarkable flamenco band Remedios from Slovakia, which will celebrate this year's 15th year on stage. It also plays another Ponte Pardo formation, which focuses on the new flamenco flamenco nuevo style.

On the last day, on Sunday 26th November, the festival will conclude a spectacular flamenco fiesta, featuring the Iranian-Czech Shahab Tolouie Quartet with an original fusion of flamenco, Persian music, ethnicity and jazz.

A variety of possibilities to get to know flamenco from different angles and views also offers a varied weekend accompanying program of the festival . This includes workshops with Spanish lecturers, film screenings, discussions, flamenco bazaar, Spanish gastronomy course, revival of Spanish restaurants by music and dance, or the open day of flamenco academies. The exhibition of the Spanish Flamenco in Bohemia has been on display since the 23rd of October in the Malostranská beseda.

Día del Flamenco / Flamenco Day - this is November 16, the day when flamenco was registered in 2010 on the list of UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage. The Czech Republic joins the Flamenco Festival for the third time.

A detailed program of the entire Día del Flamenco - Flamenco Day is available on the web .

Source: tz, edited editorially

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