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Nativity scenes for joy

They come from different corners of the world, such as tin, ceramic, glass, crocheted or hand-made, paper, but also from the First Republican coffee advertising or with Jesus in the form of a red light diode ... Also, these nativity scenes will feature the exhibition "Nativity scenes for joy" until January 10 at the YMCA Palace in Prague, Na Porici 12 Street.

Besides the folk folk creativity, the visitors will see the rare post-war wooden polychrome nativity scene from Nová Paka , which was donated to the exhibition by the Association of Czech Nativity Scouts. Unique crochet jewels and Scutec nativity scenes are also unique . Domestic exhibits will be accompanied by a ceramic nativity scene from Italy , a paper folding from Great Britain and other works from, for example, America or Indonesia.

The exhibition is installed on the ground floor of the Palace and will be open to the public every day from 8am to 8pm. Free entry.

"In addition to the collectible valuable nativity scenes, we gathered especially the nativity scenes that came out of joy - as an expression of the creative spirit of their authors. They created them for their own pleasure and others to spread a joyous message about the birth of God's baby, " says YMCA Director Petra Otrisalova.

The idea of ​​organizing an exhibition of "joyful nativity scenes" in Prague's YMCA Palace did not happen by chance. "Christian foundations and well-spent leisure time, imbued with the spirit of joy, togetherness and humor, are the principles of itself and the YMCA itself, which has been taking care of the leisure activities of children and young people," says Otrisalova.

Of more than fifty exhibits exhibited, Petra Otrisalova highlights, for example, the nativity scenes by Jiří Jaromír Kubáta: the nativity scene from the Merkur kit, the Bethlehem with the lightning rod, Bethlehem the unemployed assembly worker Tesla Orava or the Bethlehem with the tubes. The author created them by the technique of assemblage from old electrical material. The work of JJ Kubáth, originally a turner in Motorlett and now a member of the Geophysical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, is represented, among others, in the collection of the prominent Czech artist Jiří Kolář. One of his works is also found by the founder of Kampa Museum Meda Mládek.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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