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For Parents: Unvaccinated children can really get sick

The health of children is in the hands of their parents. What can happen if they do not realize this enough and, for example, can not vaccinate their offspring in time against life-threatening illnesses?

He died of diphtheria in Spain after 30 years

A six-year-old boy from Catalonia, whose parents decided not to vaccinate him, died nearly a month after the first symptoms of diphtheria occurred. This was the case in 2015. This was the first case of a child's death due to diphtheria in Spain for nearly 30 years. The boy died of complications associated with heart, kidney and respiratory failure . Nothing could have been done by doctors from the Barcelona hospital who kept trying to keep alive in the intensive care unit.

The boy's parents then said they felt a great guilt because they believed the representatives of the opposition movement and therefore did not let their child vaccinate. The case in Spain has triggered an exciting debate about the growing number of parents who have decided not to vaccinate their offspring against fatal infective illness for children.

When there was a black cough in Britain

In the United Kingdom, 60-70% of children were infected with black cough in the 1940s, and more than 9,000 of them died. At that time, no other infectious disease had a "high conscience" of death. It looked like it was in times when it was not yet awaited.

In Britain, however, the public's negative attitudes towards vaccination occurred in the 1970s and 1980s, which subsequently led to a drop in the degree of black cough vaccination in the mid-1970s from 77% to 33%, and in some areas even to only 9 %. In 1979, more than 102,500 cases of the disease were reported and at least 36 children died.

The measles returns

Vaccines against the vaccine have begun to reappear in the European countries. Hundreds of cases of this highly contagious disease in 2017 reported Italy, Romania and other European countries where the population's inaccuracy fell below 95%. Romania from January 2016 to March 2017 confessed 3400 infected and, unfortunately, 17 deaths . However, these deaths were totally unnecessary , as the measles vaccine is available in every European country.

Every parent should realize that reducing the number of vaccinated individuals in the population leads to an increase in disease incidence. Considering that today's children are dying of fatal childhood diseases only exceptionally, we owe the vaccination.

Author: Hana Horáková
Source: U lékař

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