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Do you have too much sugar in your blood? Let him go!

Diabetes has long been a disease of old people. It also affects young and active individuals who sin only in one - they do not have time for themselves.

When you want to get rid of blood sugar, you have basically three choices:
not deliver it with food,
move it to the cells,
exclude him from the body

And the third option will be of interest to us now. When the sugar is too much, the kidneys are not enough to get rid of it and begin to excrete the urine. This is certainly not good because the kidneys suffer. In addition, high blood glucose also damages a number of other organ systems. But did you know that it is possible to ensure that sugar is excreted in the urine even with normal glycemia?

Magic drugs with a complex name

This notable effect is shown by a drug group that has two names. And as the classic would say, one is better than the other:
SGLT2 or

Do not you remember? But yes, you will surely remember the shortcut SGLT2. Try to create your own mnemonic aid, like: Correct Gorilla Loves Tigers or Gustav Gustav Better Warm . You can let your imagination go, and you are even more entertained.

This shortcut is worthwhile to learn and ask your doctor if this treatment is right for you. Why? Sugar from your bloodstream simply drains the kidneys away. This not only reduces glycemia, but you can also lose weight on weight - glyflozins are the first anti- diabetes drugs to help lose weight. At a young age, this effect is very important, not only from a health point of view. A pleasant bonus is a slight decrease in blood pressure, which helps prevent complications of diabetes.

Without kidney it will not work

Everything has its "but" . Also, taking gliflozin has conditions, in other words, one absolutely essential condition: you must have healthy kidneys. If you want to eliminate glucose from damaged kidneys, treatment would fail and unnecessarily burden you. It would be like throwing uninvited guests through the door that locked the lock. You do not get rid of the guests and get tired of it.

Other conditions for treatment should be consulted with a doctor who knows your overall health.

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