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Up to European metropolises! Tallinn is uninhabited and Vienna behind the hum

Would you like to go on a long weekend, but do not know where? Try to visit one of the European capitals. For a little money you can get a lot of new experiences.

For culture to neighbors

You will fall in love at first glance. Whether you only have two weekend days or a week, this city offers so many things to see! The capital of Austria will enchant you not only with history but also with cultural opportunities. You can choose from many theaters, museums and concert halls. Walk through the autumn Powder! Visitors to the nightlife of Vienna offer a wide range of clubs and bars. Do not forget to visit some of the local cafés or restaurants during the day and enjoy the popular sahher or genuine Viennese steak.

The picturesque Tallinn

The capital city of Estonia is a pearl of the Baltic countries and one of the most visited European cities. It combines history with modern architecture. In Tallinn, you will find a very well-preserved historic center, where 850 years of stormy history are breathtaking. Not yet! After all, the Danes, Swedes, Germans and Russians were replaced by power. It is hard to believe that even 25 years ago Estonia belonged under the Soviet Union. It has long since been ringing and Tallinn can boast many touristically attractive cafes, hotels, restaurants and sushi bars today. When visiting Estonia, last but not least, you can look forward to friendly and nice people.

Romantic Budapest

The capital of Hungary will bring you with its beauty. The autumn visit is as creative. Start at the spa, for Budapest is renowned for thermal springs. After that, take a walk through the historic center with a welding machine. You can admire architectural gems - such as Parliament Building or Buda Castle. In the evening, do not forget to visit a local restaurant or pub where you can enjoy goulash, perkelt or sege.

The smell of the Atlantic

Do you want to breathe in the fresh air of the sea? Try Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. The visit of Portugal in the autumn has its magic. You can escape the tiring summer heat, but you can explore everything you care about in pleasant sunny weather. If the city gets tired of you, you are from the center on the beach. Take your shoes and enjoy the pleasant feeling of walking barefoot in the sand.

Whatever the autumn wind you get anywhere, do not forget to travel insurance .

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