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Autumn as an ideal period for disease prevention and protection

When the fall begins to cool down and rainy days grow, many people are afraid that such weather will "go away". Let's do what to do to stay in the best shape.

Heat twice differently

In cold days it is important to keep the whole body warm. If you are shivering in cold weather due to poorly selected clothes, your immune system will be weakened and easier to withstand the onslaught of microorganisms from the air. Up to 30% of body heat loses its head, so wearing caps makes sense even in autumn. On the other hand, the overflown apartment or office of the organism also does not benefit. The dried mucosa of the nose and throat is more prone to infections. Therefore, you should not forget to ventilate and humidify the air. "When you stay indoors, avoid having children. Consideration should also be given to staying in places with a higher concentration of persons, for example in children's playrooms, which are more likely to have viruses and bacteria, " explains doctor Hana Černá.

Hand washing is not in vain

Although much of the infection is transmitted by air, dirty hands can also be the source of the infection. The bacteria that settle on them are easily transferred into the mouth and nose. The outbreak of the infection does not take long to wait. Frequent and careful hand washing significantly reduces the risk of viruses. You should also take care of the cleanliness of the towels and wash them regularly. That hand hygiene is important at all ages, recalls Hana Černá, a pediatrician. "Babies and toddlers discover the world with their hands and mouth. Anxiety cleanliness is rather counterproductive, but hand hygiene must be taken before and after meals, and after using a potty or toilet. "

Vaccination will also help

Protection against unpleasant diseases and their complications will also ensure vaccination.
By vaccinating against flu you can protect children, yourself and your parents seniors. Vaccination is recommended not only to those who have some chronic illness or immune problems.
This year, a four-valent vaccine is available in our country. Protects against more types of influenza viruses than the three-fold vaccine used so far. The ideal time to get vaccinated against the flu is autumn.

Liquids, vitamins and probiotics

If you want to protect yourself against all diseases in the autumn and winter, do not forget about these recommendations.
Enough fluid will ensure the proper functioning of the kidneys, and thus properly cleanse the body from harmful substances.
Vitamins, such as "cache" in combination with zinc, are good protection against colds.
Probiotics promote not only bowel health, they also help to increase overall body resistance.

Source: Očkovací kalendář.cz

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