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Pre-Christmas cleaning can also cover the body. How about him?

Summer with plenty of fresh fruit and healthy outdoors is long gone. But the body deserves care every year! Especially when shorter and cooler winter days bring not only more "couch" but also sins in food. In short, it is the highest time for inner cleansing.

Focus on liver and ostropestrec

The liver is called the purifier of the organism, so we should pay enough attention in the autumn and winter. Thanks to well-functioning liver, the body can better fight with ubiquitous bacilli and infections. That every winter you also struggle with a lack of energy? This is also a reason to focus on the health of this body. The liver is involved in the transformation of nutrients into energy.

A good condition of the liver is to support the extracts from the herb of the herbaceous mammal. Nature offers this herb a chance to recover damaged liver cells and protect the liver from harmful effects. These include not only infamous alcohol but also smoking and fatty unhealthy food. However, the capsules do not do the job for us - during the pre-Christmas detox, they need a balanced diet, enough vegetables and liquids, ideally without alcohol.

Respect your body

However, be careful when using the thistle. Each body is different, and it can react violently to the new herbs it meets for the first time. So, during internal cleansing, proceed slowly so that you do not complicate the process, for example, with digestive problems. These rarely occur when you are using the thistle, but try not to let the detox ebb.
Respect not only the dosage, but also the recommended duration of use and the situations in which you should choose other methods for cleaning.
Ostropestřec does not need to understand hormonal treatment, cholesterol lowering drugs or medicines used in diabetes.
Pregnancy and breastfeeding women should also be treated with caution.

Clean up something extra

Since the body has cleansed, many of us expect not only to improve the condition and overall sense of well-being, but also to drop a couple of kilograms. That's why the chopstick is a good choice. It promotes weight reduction and contributes to cholesterol levels. However, the list of his positives does not end.

The extract from the thistle has anti-inflammatory effects. The herb thus helps protect against, for example, airway inflammation. Strengthening the defenses is a great added value within detox.

Author: Mgr. Petra Kováčová
Source: U lékař

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