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Electricity consumption in winter is up by 74 percent. How to save?

During the winter months, electricity consumption in households grew by 74% compared to summer. In winter, we most prototype, shine, and more often use electrical appliances. Experts are particularly advised to insulate the house, use energy-saving lights and other electrical appliances, or also replace the hot tub with a faster shower. The specific savings for your household will be found by an energy consultant.

According to research conducted by Ipsos for E.ON this year, the total consumption of electricity is increasing in more than one fifth of Czech households. Only 9% of respondents answered that their energy consumption is decreasing. The costs of energy are largely attributable to winter. According to the statistics of the Energy Regulatory Office, electricity consumption in households rises in the winter compared to the summer by 74 percent.

House insulation will reduce energy costs by more than 60%

A very effective way to save energy is to insulate the house and eventually also to modernize the heating system. Heating is largely involved in total energy expenditure, and in a larger non-family home, heating costs can rise to more than 80,000 crowns. "By insulating the house and replacing the windows it is possible to reduce the heating costs to just one third of the original values. I also recommend installing some of the solar technology, now probably a photovoltaic power plant that will provide water heating, " said Karel Murtinger, Ekowatt's energy consultant.

It is during the winter that the consumption of hot water increases especially during winter. Although the hot tub and long shower are very pleasant in dry weather, they can increase water consumption to as much as 100 liters per person per day. Experts are advised to omit frequent baths and replace them with a shorter and more effective shower.

Consumption increases the constant supply of appliances

One reason for increasing electricity consumption in part of Czech households can be, for example, an increasing number of appliances and also devices that require constant power supply. Consumption of energy can be effectively reduced by consistently using energy-saving technologies. "For example, LED lights, thanks to their low power consumption, make it possible to reduce the cost of household lighting by tens of percent. They have a long service life, " describes one of the available options for energy savings in households Ivo Kršek from E.ON Energie, as

In addition to energy-saving electrical appliances such as a washing machine, a refrigerator or a dishwasher, it is also advisable to focus on other less obvious "energy" sprays. "People often forget about small discreet appliances, such as wi-fi routers and other home-to-internet components. Powerful gaming computers are also a source of great power, " says Karel Murtinger, a not-so-obvious power-saving option.

The energy advisor will help save you

In the search for energy savings, experts - energy advisors - are also playing an increasingly important role in the case of households. They can help with analyzing the current situation and recommending appropriate measures. In personal consultation, savings are often much better. Energy advisory services are usually free of charge because these professionals operate either within state programs such as the EIS operated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade or as part of the energy companies. "People can talk to our energy consultants on a number of issues, personally or by phone, ranging from the operation of various appliances through heating to house insulation or the use of renewable energy sources," Ivo Krsek, energy consultant , describes. The output is then a savings recommendation created on the basis of the requirements of a particular household and the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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