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Christmas album by Jiří Pavlice & Hradišťan - Be pleased with the light

On Friday 1.12. 2017, that is tomorrow, a new album of selected songs by Jiří Pavlica & Hradišťan entitled "Welcome to be Light". This is a selection of recordings for long winter evenings.

The album is filled with not only the most beautiful Christmas carols shot by Jiří Pavlica and Hradišťan, but it also contains songs that relate to advent times, the arrival of the New Year and the whole period, when the evenings are longer than the days and the landscape covers the snow. Twenty-one stops for the Christmas meditation and the message of the arrival of the Bethlehem light, but also the time of hope that this time brings us.

In the gift digipack, the CD contains, besides the well-known CDs , the five never released recordings of Hradišťan. These are the compositions of the Time of Gifts, Slava in Vynijich Bogu, Puer natus and Bethlehem, Wstańcie, pasterze and Maria Panna. If you visit one of the regular Christmas concerts of Hradišťan, you will hear almost all the songs included in this album. They are part of the traditional Christmas concert program of Jiří Pavlica and Hradišťan.

Jiri Pavlica and Hradišťan included in the album Pozdraveno be light, not only famous carols, but also author's songs. Seven songs from twenty-one, including the original title track. George Pavlica was greeted by the light. "The album begins with the musical excerpt of the biblical text of the Gospel of St. John the Baptist. Jana, followed by songs that reflect the contemporary, often civilian perception of Christmas, " writes Jiří Pavlic in the accompanying speech. Here we also learn the basic premise of the entire selection of songs and the reason why it bears the symbolic name: "The symbol of light belongs to the strongest and most vital, because the light in the dark shines and the darkness does not sweep it .... Every year we look forward to the advent and Christmas time of hope and the birth of a new life, the time of the arrival of the Bethlehem light. Man desires this symbolism and through centuries he expresses his desire through art, including musical art in the most varied forms. "

Christmas albums and selections are produced in large quantities each year. That is why Jiří Pavlica and Hradišťan carefully took care not only of the artistic quality of the recordings, but the important message was the message that the song itself produces. "I believe that in each of these songs is encoded at least a small piece of light that shines in the dark, the darkness does not obscure it and enlightens every person," says Jiří Pavlica. The whole board resonates with the symbolism of Christmas, which is the light, the spark, the hope that accompanies us not only with this recording but also with our whole life.

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