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Fats that ease weight loss? Omega-3 fatty acids!

Dietary supplements with fish oil are among the most desirable. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids (especially EPA and DHA) that benefit the heart, brain and skin health, and even reduce the risk of depression. And that's not all yet.

Did you know that fish oil can help you to the lean line? It will "do" it like this:
A slight sense of hunger. Reduction in appetite when consuming fish oil has been confirmed in a Spanish study. Do not forget about fish oil in the diet. It makes hunger softer and more effective and more effective weight loss.
Accelerates metabolism. In practice, this means that with the same activities, you give more energy than if you did not consume fish oil. Most studies also indicate an increase in muscle mass when receiving fish oil. And more muscle mass burns more calories, so the effect multiplies.
Exercise is more effective with it.
The metabolic effects of fish oil are not limited to more energy released. Some studies suggest that fish oil is a preferred fat burner. During exercise, you burn fewer sugars and more fat. A Canadian study states that women who used 3 grams of fish oil a day burned 10% more calories than others, and 19-27% more fat.

Get rid of centimeters at the waist

It is true that some fish oil does not help to reduce weight. It will always help with the increase of muscle mass and the loss of fat. When you lose fat and gain muscle, your weight does not have to change or it can even rise. Therefore , it is better to measure the success of slimming around the waist circumference, not the kilograms .

An analysis of 21 studies has shown that when the omega-3 fatty acid fish oil is adequately ingested, the percentage of body fat decreases and waist circumference decreases. However, the weight scale does not necessarily have to show any less.

The biggest effect of fish oil with omega-3 fatty acids will come when you combine it with a healthy lifestyle. Do not forget about a varied and balanced diet and regular physical activity.

Author: Dominika Šťastná
Source: U lékař

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