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Welding from the Christmas market - unfortunately without rules

Cured wine belongs to Advent and Christmas markets. Some welders are made from relatively inferior types of wine, and the taste is spilled with sugar or spices. What to do if the welder does not taste like a cooked wine or in grog is not rum?

The composition and quality of the welders are not determined by any legal regulation. "Unlike fermented milk, the quality of which is regulated and controlled, no rules apply to welders. Only Glühwein has its legislative box, but it is only binding for the beverages thus named. There is no minimum content of wine or alcohol for the welder. The same applies to grog and punch. The only certainty is the minimum temperature of 60 ° C, which must be served with hot meals and drinks, " explains Jan Maryška, editor of dTest. Similarly, it is problematic with pickled sausages, Old Bohemian beans, potato pancakes and other popular dishes. Nor are they subject to any decree prescribing the content of the meat or raw material from which the delicacy is to be made.

Why is the stall sale viewed differently from delicatessen? "Snack bars in Advent markets where you can buy meals and drinks are not a classic stone shop, but they're still a facility. If you are not satisfied with the quality of food and drink, you can claim it as in any other restaurant. Stands are responsible for the fact that the dishes and beverages sold have agreed properties - whether it is a composition listed somewhere on a sign or the information is only delivered orally. If the properties were not specified, they should correspond to the nature of the goods and the habits - it is reasonably expected that the welder will be prepared from wine, grog from rum and potato potato, " adds Lukáš Zelený, head of the legal department of consumer organization dTest.

How in case of dissatisfaction? The key is time. Tell sellers of defect or dissatisfaction without delay. When the welder tastes like cinnamon tea, go back as soon as possible. Your complaint is hard to meet with understanding when you have already eaten and drunk. You always have the right to a reasonable discount. Instead, you can ask for a remedy, such as warming your sausage or getting a new one. If there are serious deficiencies that can not be satisfactorily remedied, you can withdraw from the contract and request a refund.

Exceptions may also be inconsistencies in prices. "If you notice price differences before you pay, you have the choice whether to claim the prices quoted on the goods or simply buy it. It is more difficult to convince a trader on the spot that the price is bound and that the product must be sold under these conditions, "says Lukas Zeleny. Whoever does not want to like the unserious behavior of the trader can take the price given on the goods and take a look at the Czech Trade Inspection to make a check.

If you notice the difference in price just after the payment or later at home, you can also oppose the charge for higher prices. But your evidential situation is getting worse. Traders often rely on the fact that you will not want to guess about the negligible amounts. Nothing so compelled to satisfy you, admitting a mistake and returning the extra paid.

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