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Vietnam - Undevaluated pearl of Asia

Would you like to take an exotic holiday? Are you looking for a country with a magical landscape, forested mountains, picturesque valleys, but also beautiful beaches? Then visit Vietnam. What will fascinate you in this country?

Street food

Vietnam is definitely the country where it is worth tasting local food. Whether it's renowned pho soup or grilled cha cha, you definitely do not step next to it. You can be sure that at any time you meet the locals, as consciously preparing delicious scented dishes. For your experiences to be positive, keep the following guidelines:
Eat a meal that is heat-treated and served warm.
Eat only pasteurized dairy products.
The fruit you buy is washed in drinking water or peeled.
Do not eat raw eggs, meat or fish.
Do not eat any cold food that you do not know how long it cost to go before you get there.
Even if you want to taste exotics, avoid eating monkey or bat meat.

Paradise of coffee lovers

As the second largest coffee producer in the world, Vietnam is a country where every fan of black gold comes to its own. It is traditionally served with condensed salted milk. Drinking regimen is important, so also keep it in mind:
water to prepare all beverages was drinkable (ideally packaged),
ice for cooling drinks was also from drinking, bottled water,
the milk was pasteurized,
coffee or tea was freshly prepared.

Wonderful beaches

Other strong arguments for visiting Vietnam are the beaches full of white sand and clean sea. Focus on less known beaches such as Con Dao and Phu Quoc, which belong to the true treasures of Southeast Asia. Stay safe on the beach:
Watch the weather forecast and customize your program - the sea can be treacherous.
Add sun-tanning cream with UV-factor.
Observe the drinking mode.
Do not jump into the water where you do not know how deep it is.
When driving a boat, follow all recommendations and laws. Avoid alcohol and always carry a life jacket.

If you are going to visit this beautiful country, do not forget to vaccinate against:
jaundice type A and B,
belly typhus,

When traveling to the countryside, consider vaccination against rabies, malaria and Japanese encephalitis.
Do not forget about travel insurance.

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