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Pre-Christmas Magic Intersection: jazz fusion of tones, rhythms, harmonies and colors

Our leading jazz pianist Pavla Schönová with the band Fusion Classic Goes Jazz (which makes it the renowned matador of the jazz scene Tomáš Křemenák - saxophone, flute, František Uhlíř - double bass and Milan Vitoch - drums) excels on our stage for years through the connection of genius motifs of classics, eg from the works of Leoš Janáček, with playfulness and improvisation freedom of jazz.

These elements, in an unusual concert on Dec. 19, in the big hall of the New Town Hall from 20 am, these top instrumentalists are going to creatively mix and develop in the MAGIE PROLINATION program. Quartet's performance - this time at the premiere - will be another emotional dimension thanks to the compositions of the painter and glassmaker Míla Nievaldová , among whom an unusual concert will take place and which is a pianist for years inspiring a companion.

The pianist is also seen in jazz circles as an occasional teammate of our front icon of the jazz pianist Emil Viklický, who influenced her musical maturation and with whom she concerts in the duet in the same concert of Jazz dialogues.

During her solo playing, in the duo of two pianos and the band, the listeners appreciate the inspiration of the best of both genres, thus gaining the musical shape and the speech through the expression of means of expression, color and emotionality. Pavla Schönová, for many supporters of both musical worlds, is usually a lady of classics, a jazz girl, but in any case it is worthwhile to follow its tone, rhythms, harmonies and colors ... Especially if it can be, as in the case of this exceptional concert, further enhanced by the dream poetry of 12 painting compositions by the participating artist.

Among the pieces presented with gusta in the whole quartet, this time there will be no "pearls" from the works of jazz classics such as D. Brübeck, C. Porter and M. Davis, as well as the authors' other icons (L. Fišer, I. Albéniz M. de Falla) and, of course, for the band "Bolt" by Emil Viklický and Leoš Janáček.

Pavla Schönová studied at the Conservatory in Brno and the Conservatory of J. Ježek in Prague. She also acted as an actress and pianist at the Goose on the String Theater in Brno. Then she intensively devoted herself to jazz interpretations and went through several years of Karel Velebný's Summer Jazz Workshop in Frýdlant in Bohemia under the direction of Emil Viklický and she also attended the Berklee College of Music course.

For years she has been involved in the production of stage music in the Czech Radio and in several theater stages. As an interpreter, the audience was also criticized in various positions - from the cycle of concerts at Křižík's Fountain at the Prague Exhibition Center, the musical accompaniment of the performance of Hamlet in the Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theater in the framework of the Summer Shakespeare Festival at Prague Castle (2004), through festivals (Přerov, (New Town Hall, Reduta, La_Fabrik, Museum of Music, Hall of Prague Ham, Břevnov Monastery, Church of St. Lawrence in Lesser Town, Karlín Forum). The audience was applauded by the audience in clubs and halls not only in the Republic (Jiřetín pod Bukovou, Roudnice nad Labem, Františkovy Lázně, Ostrava, Karlovy Vary, Frýdek-Místek, Doksy, Mladá Boleslav, Vilémov ...) Frankfurt am Main).

Mila Nievaldová , a successful and well-known Czech artist, graduated from the Secondary Art and Industrial School and art branch at the Faculty of Education, Charles University. It divides the interest between painting and glass work. He is the author of impressive sculptures made of glass melted in the form, stained glass, bowls of lined sheet glass and objects in the shape of bottles blown in the glassworks.

On screen, she was first attracted by stylized acts embedded in a vague environment of dreamy landscapes. These have become the subject of other paintings, currently influenced by the concept of its glass and reaching to the boundaries of abstraction. The ideas often drawn naturally encourage and provoke our imagination. The combination of colors spells vibrant effects enhanced by structural backgrounds and original techniques. The compositions bear poetic titles tuning with their artistic grasp.
She has presented her work at many joint and independent exhibitions and is in collections of contemporary art here and abroad, many of her works are complemented by the architecture of public spaces.

Those interested in a repeat experience of this unique jazz fusion, Those who will not miss this pre-Christmas offer can also find a concert of the band at the Jazzklub Reduta at Národní třída in Prague, which will make it 26.12. from 21:30 h after Christmas time.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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