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In Europe's Advent markets, check both the price and the origin of the goods

In Europe's Advent markets, check both the price and the origin of the goods Europe's open borders allow easy access to advent markets mainly in neighboring countries. Where is it worthwhile to look out for the tricks of stallions and where there is a risk of overcharging, the European Consumer Centers Network set up by the European Commission and the Member States.

"Even the long-standing findings of the Czech Trade Inspection show that stall sales are among areas where consumers' increased attention can be paid. This is also true for advent markets in neighboring countries where it is good to find the price of beverages, the date of consumption, but also the origin of goods marked as handmade, as in Germany, " says Ondřej Tichota from the European Consumer Center at the Czech Trade Inspection.

The consumer councils of the European Consumer Centers network for purchases in German, Austrian, Polish and Slovak Advent markets are as follows:
* For Type 3 events at 2, be cautious and re-calculate the price.

* There is sometimes a risk of buying overpriced in Slovakia, when some boys do not mention the prices of drinks offered. Some cities risk purchasing goods or using low-quality services at high prices reduces codes for stalls. In Bratislava it is a "Trade Mark Code".

* Check the date of consumption or minimum durability. Some vendors may want to get rid of goods that have long been in the shelves of their stone shops.

* High quality goods are considered in Germany as "Made in Germany", "Hand Made" or "Handicraft". The product label, however, tells where it really was made.

* The right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason does not exist in Advent or Christmas markets in neighboring countries. Unless the seller accepts the purchased goods back voluntarily.

* Two-year quality assurance is guaranteed by consumers, thanks to European Union law, even with stall purchase, although with small local specifics. Always save your bill. The vendor can not withdraw from his / her duties by issuing a sign "We do not accept any claims after leaving the cashier".

Defense against pockets

"People should be careful about the pocket. As a result, in the past, the German police have also issued recommendations on how to secure things. According to them, it is good to wear a wallet in the inside pocket of a jacket or coat. Take care of your things if someone manages "by mistake" with cold wine or asking for a trip. It can be a thief and a partner can also have, " says Ondřej Tichota.

Advent markets guides are also published in Czech in some border towns, such as Dresden. They inform about the possibilities of parking, accommodation and public transport. In Vienna, it is advisable to leave the car in a park and ride park with transport links to the venues or to use the two-hour maximum parking zone.

The European Consumer Center of the Czech Republic helps consumers to resolve disputes from other countries of the European Union, Norway and Iceland free of charge. It provides information on the rights of consumers in the single market. He is a member of the European Consumer Centers network and is funded by the European Commission and the Czech Trade Inspection Authority, where he operates.

Source: tz CTI

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