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When traveling to the mountains, it can fool traffic signs, always use reason

When traveling to the mountains, it can fool traffic signs, always use reason Road traffic regulations in Decree 294/2015 Coll. clearly state that the validity of vertical traffic signs prohibiting, restricting or ordering is terminated by the nearest crossing or the relevant traffic sign. On your way to the mountains, however, it will probably happen that after a few minutes of the Winter Equipment brand, you will be crossing several intersections without having the brand re-fitted. Theoretically, you would not be penalized in such a section, even if you did not have winter gear. Missing traffic signs revealed a course instructor of the safe driving of the Mostar autodrome Jiří Patera.

"The validity of command tags was previously interrupted by the same mark with a distinct red stripe pointing to the end of the section where the command had to be kept. Roadmates are clearly following the old rules, I have verified this when crossing the stretches of the Ore Mountains to the Mostecka. Still, I believe that drivers will make sense, and during this period they will use exclusively winter tires for cars with the right tread depth, labeled M + S, " said Patera.

He also highlighted other aspects of driving in the winter, such as reduced visibility. "In accordance with the Road Act, every motor vehicle must be equipped with contour and dipped-beam or daytime running lights. Due to the early dimming, it is now recommended to turn on the dipped beam immediately , "said the instructor.

In his opinion, the driver should not forget these days either to check tire pressures, battery contacts, antifreeze fluids in washers. "It is certainly good to have a scraper, defroster, gloves and a winter jacket in the car," he added.

"By 2018, let's say we are going to ride carefully, considerably and act comradely to other road users. By friendly behavior, I mean situations where we try to help non-homosexually with others. For example, when we see that the car has a poorly mounted load on the roof and threatens to crash, we will do our best to warn its driver to stop and stop safely in time, "said Jiri Patera.

Preventing crisis situations caused by weather traps teaches safe driving courses . After the theoretical part of the classroom, in practice, everyone can try braking and avoidance maneuvers on dry, wet or very slippery roads, reminiscent of snow or ice. It's a unique opportunity to get the car up and running, to get to know its limits and to know its reactions and possibilities.

Source: tz Autodrom Most, edited editorially

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