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KRNAP: Pyrotechnics does not belong to the national park

KRNAP: Pyrotechnics does not belong to the national park Perhaps no one has to be too convinced that fireworks destroy domestic and wild animals and make many people annoyed, especially when they want to relax from the noise of the city in the silence of nature. However, pyrotechnics - albeit in the short term, but significant, also increases the concentration of heavy metals in the atmosphere. On the other hand, the fact that various firecrackers and "fireworks" became part of the celebration of the turn of the year.

In the summer of 2017, an amendment to the Nature and Landscape Protection Act entered into force, which prohibits the execution of fireworks and the use of fireworks in the territory of national parks.

This topic was dealt with by the Council of the Krkonoše National Park, which recommended the KRNAP Administration to implement the information campaign that is being launched these days and aims to give people the knowledge that pyrotechnics and fireworks do not belong to the National Park. It includes thematic posters, which are currently distributed to municipal and municipal authorities in the Krkonoše Mountains and among the snakes interested, and will subsequently appear on the lining areas and the municipal message boards. Banners are also being prepared to reinforce the idea of ​​a national park without interfering pyrotechnics on a number of websites.

The ban on carrying out fireworks or using fireworks only applies to the territory of a national park, not to the territory of its protection zone.
Given the fact that the tourist and tourism centers are mostly in the protection zone of the national park and only the villages of Mala Upa and Strazne have all the cadastres in the national park, the KRNAP Administration finds it expedient to allow an exemption from that prohibition for the time when the fireworks are traditionally and widely used. This exemption is valid from 15:00 on 31 December to 6:00 am on 1 January for the built-up areas of the municipalities of Malá Úpa and Strážné .

At the end of the year, the frequency of another negative phenomenon, namely the launch of so-called "lucky lucky lanterns", is rising. This activity also prohibits the new law on the protection of nature and the countryside throughout the territory of the national park , with the exception of built-up areas and stagnant areas. The reason is especially the spread of waste and the risk of fires.

The Administration of the Giant Mountains National Park appeals to visitors and locals to not use the amusement pyrotechnics at all. If you want to celebrate Advent, Mikuláš or Christmas in the Krkonoše Mountains, do not bring any petards with you. You will not disturb anyone, do not break the law, and save yourself.

Source: tz KRNAP, edited editorially

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