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How to deal with bad news and it goes at all?

The thoughts of dying and the end of life tend to avoid and dispel people out of mind. Unfortunately, sometimes they will not escape. Especially when he or she gets an unfavorable report from the doctor. Perhaps for incurable cancer. But there is always something to be done.

Cancer disfigured life outdoors. However, the possibilities of diagnosis and treatment are increasing and the prospects for healing may not be bad. That's one thing. However, the message that, despite all the healing of a person, there are several weeks or months left to live, that is the second. Irrespective of the duration of the illness, such information is totally overwhelming.

American psychologist Elisabeth Kübler Ross knows well how you feel in this situation. In the book "About Death and Dying," she introduced the five phases that people usually get when they get the worst news. Perhaps the described feelings will be familiar to you. However, you do not have to go through all the phases or you go through them in a different order.

From denial to acceptance or 5 phases according to Kübler Ross

Denial. "I'm not sick!" At this stage, one denies his illness. He hopes the lab has become a mistake or the doctor has confused patients' results.
Anger. "Why has it happened to me?" Man is full of anger and says life is not fair. He has anger on all around, often on doctors and other health workers.
Negotiation. "I promise to be a better person when ..." This stage is described as a bargaining with God or other spiritual forces: "When I heal, I will all but help." Sometimes the covenant is directed to the realization of a wish: "If I have lived ) at least the wedding of your son (daughters). "
Depression. "It does not matter to me anymore." The health condition of the patient is getting worse and he sees that he will not die. This phase is characterized by deep sadness, emptiness and hopelessness.
Adoption. "I'm ready for what's coming." It's about stabilizing emotions and adapting to the new situation. Even in this period, however, good days alternate with the worse.

Consciousness of the end of one's own life or the loss of a close relative is not easy to bear. Universal aid and advice do not exist. Somebody will help faith in God and the afterlife, others will solve these questions in a different way.

In any case, even when a doctor says about the last stage of the disease, he or she has no other right to take the patient a chance of healing. In very rare cases, there is a phenomenon called "spontaneous regression" . At that time, an incurably ill person in the last stage of cancer will be healing to the surprise of doctors .

Source: Treatment of Cancer

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