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When the body calls for warmth, go for the soup

Warm food is the first thing in winter that we look forward to from a chilling environment. The natural need for the body to draw in winter as much energy as possible to protect it from the effects of cold can be satisfied by, for example, soups.

Soup is grunt ...

Dense homemade soup, which gives fresh vegetables and lean meats, sats well and delivers vitamins and minerals to the body. You will give it a health if you use grated potatoes or legumes to thicken instead of fat cream and flour.

Broth includes high quality meat

One of the most nutritious and healthy soups is broth. You can brew almost any type of meat - it is suitable for chicken, hen, beef and fish.
For strong chicken broth, try skeletons and wings. The body will supply proteins, calcium and B vitamins.
Beef broth is richer in iron and you get more vitamin A. Do not you know how to choose meat? Beef, rib or chest will be the right choice.
Fish stock , which is commonly prepared from skeletons and fish heads with white meat, will be rich in both protein and iodine.

No matter what choice you choose, they have a lot to do with it. Veronika Hanzlíková, nutrition advisor, exaggerates: "Without broth soup, there would be no life." At the same time, she adds: "Broth, whether meat or vegetable, adds not only life-giving water but also many minerals and proteins. You get enough fat at the same time. Add vegetable fats to healthy fats at the end of cooking or at the beginning by adding vegetables, such as olive oil. Soups bring us not only nutrients, but also warmth and feeling of saturation. It is simply a food that puts us so on our feet. In the winter and during the convalescence. They are also important for children, pregnant and nursing women. "

Legumes always at hand

Even the vegetarians do not stay - even the vegetable broth is rich in vitamins and trace elements. Missing proteins can easily be taken from other soups, and the winter diet can be driven by beans. Thanks to a wide selection of beans, you can cook lots of variants of this nourishing and sour soup.
Purchase other legumes, such as lentils, peas or chickpeas, in order to alternate and combine them when cooking soups.
If you add some warming spices such as ginger or turmeric to your soup, you will have the perfect winter dish.

Simple and healthy

The spell of broth and soup generally consists in the fact that all the ingredients of the individual ingredients are released into the water during cooking and are very well absorbed for the body. The advantage is also a simple preparation that you only need one pot and a spoon. :-)

Author: Mgr. Petra Kováčová
Source: U lékař

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