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Medicine is one step closer to childhood vaccination with a single injection

An inoculum deposited in microscopic particles from which only the first dose of the vaccine is vaccinated after vaccination, and others will be delivered to the body later, at a predetermined time. That's how scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology can discover.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US have already tested their breakthrough technology on mice. The discovery will fundamentally change the form of vaccination.

Meet the revolutionary technology

Microscopic particles can be described, for example, as miniature packages made of polymers which are filled with a vaccine and sealed with a lid. The material of these microscopic packages can be processed at the time of production to decompose at the desired time. The interval was 9, 20 and 41 days from injection.
It also works on particles that can release the contained vaccine after a few months.
The discovery has not yet reached the stage to be tested on humans, but it clearly indicates the direction in which vaccine research is taking place.
The described procedure would represent a revolutionary change not only in vaccination but also in patients receiving regular medication doses.

What would change in vaccination?

The MIT research team believes this vaccine will have a positive impact on vaccination everywhere in the world . The most significant would be the benefit in developing countries where children do not have medical care available as of course elsewhere in the world. At one doctor visit, the children could be vaccinated with all the necessary vaccines at once. Strengthening doses to ensure the full effectiveness of the vaccine would be ready for later release in the child's body.

How will research continue?

The material from which the particles carrying the vaccine were made is fully biocompatible and has previously been approved for use in medicine, for example in implants or sewing materials. The next step in the research, according to scientists, is to ensure that the vaccine or drug stored in the microscopic particles remains stable at body temperature and does not change its properties for the time it is stored in the body.

Source: Očkovací kalendář.cz

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