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Five councils to travel to Muslim countries

Have you traveled anywhere and now you are excited by exoticism of Muslim states? With a little caution and courtesy, you can experience a beautiful holiday.

1. Have fun with evening entertainment

Although the law forbids alcohol in Muslim countries, some states are quite accommodating in this respect to tourists. However, it is necessary to inform you in advance, the rules vary from city to town. For example, in Moroccan Agadir, Dubai or Istanbul, you can dance in the local club under the influence of alcohol. However, in Medina, Saudi Arabia, such behavior could cause you serious problems. Drinking public drinking in countries like Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan is not recommended.

2. How much to cover up

How much skin you need to cover - especially for women - again depends entirely on the country and the area you visit. The general rule is: no miniskirts, shorts and short sleeves shorts and shorts. For example, most shops in Dubai require visitors to wear "decent clothes". That means covering not only your thighs but at least half your arms and no ladies' t-shirts that reveal a lot. Women should remember one more thing. In case you should visit a religious area, you should have a light scarf to cover your head as a sign of respect. In some countries, it is customary for men to wear a headgear.

3. Bikini or Burkina?

In more liberal states such as Albania or Turkey, the bikini body can be exposed on the beach without fear, as there are plenty of tourists who behave the same way. But again, "another region, another morality" is true. In tighter countries, ladies are still expected to have their hands and legs (or at least their thighs) covered. There are often also pools reserved for women only. If you do not know, just look at what the other swimsuits have, and arrange it accordingly.

4. Do not eat with your left hand

Leaves, be careful! Muslims do not eat left-handed hands because they serve to clean the body after visiting the toilet. Therefore, it is perceived as unclean. Be respectful of the rules of the hosts. Only use the right hand to consume the diet.

5. Watch the photos

Take a picture of how much you want, but make sure that no women or children get their shot in your shot. In some countries, this is considered very insulting.

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