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At the Prague Zoo was christened a young cowhide guerrez

At the Prague Zoo was christened a young cowhide guerrez The entertainer and actor Lukáš Pavlásek at the Prague Zoo christened a Sunday luncheon of the cloakier Guerrero on Sunday. The latest addition to the Prague band was given the name of Eddie, and a well-known comedian composed his own poem.

To his godfathers, Lukáš Pavlásek also liked the best for the future: "I wish the young people to have a happy life in the family of their parents and siblings and never have to go to the cosmos."

The young man who came to the world on November 14 is 37th in the breeding of the Prague zoo. Guerées cloaked from Africa and received their name according to the contrasting raincoat of long white hairs. The black-and-white primates are very popular among visitors, and they have been admired since 1969 at the Prague Zoo. The present group consists of male Katanga, female Lomel and Lucie and their five pups.

Last week, the reconstructed Sečuan pavilion was opened for visitors in the Prague Zoo. His visit was not missed even today's godfather Lukáš Pavlásek. "In addition to the monkeys, birds are my favorite animals, and I'm excited to see them here," the actor rejoiced.

Source: tz Zoo Praha
Photo to tz: Ondřej Kroutil, Prague Zoo

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