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Have you signed up for a vendor? Maybe you have a new contract

If you signed up for a document that a pet dealer claims you only confirm receipt of a bid or a visit to your home, you could actually have a contract for energy supplies. You would not be the first or the last. You can then learn about the change from the final bill. How to avoid this situation and what to do if you have already concluded the contract in such circumstances?

Undertaking energy vendors often do not hesitate to litigate the merits of their offer , sometimes even as a representative of a distributor or a worker of the Energy Regulatory Office . An expanded practice is that it will provide you with a document that simply confirms the takeover bid to conclude a new energy supply contract. At other times, the vendor can claim to need your signature for the employer as a confirmation of your visit to your home. However, a new agreement with another supplier or an addendum to your existing contract may be signed out of the signature of such a document.

"At our consumer consultancy, we regularly encounter the fact that the door-to-door vendor will give unsuspecting consumers a signing contract for energy supplies. The basic advice is: do not sign anything to the store vendor, and then read the document after leaving the seller, and then, if you can, then you can hear it. You do not want to contact him / her to avoid bothering you with your offers, " says Lukáš Zelený, head of the legal department of the consumer organization dTest.

And what if you already sign the contract or the addendum to the contract? Fortunately, you can withdraw or denounce them. However, you need to be aware of what happened and to see the deadlines for terminating the contract. "That you have unconsciously agreed to a change in supplier, you will know that you will receive the final invoice from your original supplier, as well as the welcoming documentation and the breakdown of backups from the new supplier," explains Zeleny. The withdrawal period is 14 days from its signature. In the case of a change of supplier, you can also terminate the contract within 15 days of the start of deliveries by the new supplier. But if you remove electricity or gas, you will of course have to pay for the energy you have taken.

If you did not change the vendor (the addendum only changed your existing contract or you entered into a new contract with the same vendor), you will probably not receive the documentation anymore. It may happen that you only know the change of the contract from the annual billing, or you will learn about it when you request a change of supplier. "Many people are going to denounce the energy supply contract on the assumption that it is a contract of indefinite duration. The supplier, however, tells them that a contract for a contract that they had no idea of ​​was changed to a contract of limited duration. And its premature termination is associated with a contractual fine, " says Green.

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