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Painting - a relaxing and relaxing form of relaxation

Any form of relaxation is meaningful in multiple sclerosis (not only in red). If you do not like movement or music, you need painting. And believe it's one of the most enjoyable and most reassuring activities.

Why painting?

The advantage of artistic activities is that you are not bound by rules, you are not fixed to a specific place, and you do not need expensive tools. It is precisely the freedom of expression in painting to help many people with heresy from depression and stress that often accompany multiple sclerosis.
When you engage in some creative work that painting or drawing is undoubtedly easy to forget about everyday practical worries.
Any creation that will come into your hands will fill you. You will see a specific result, and it can give you feelings of satisfaction.

Tips for beginners

If you've never had any artwork in your life, do not get discouraged. You can try countless techniques and find the one that will entertain you the most.
Start with just a pencil or crayons to capture what you see around you.
If you like distinctive shades, go for water or oil paints. They can express themselves with the feelings you have at the moment. You do not have to limit yourself to the painting of specific images, because abstract creations help to relax tension or, on the contrary, to share joy.
Artwork does not have to be just painting. If you're annoyed with fine motoring and your brush does not suit you, it's just as fun to create collages or work with modeling material. Thanks to her, you practice the stiff muscles on your hands.

Do you belong among social people and can not imagine that you are creating something at home? Then try an art course where you will combine creative activities with encounters with similarly attuned people. The inspiration for painting can be the experience of a woman with a heresy who describes art as the best escape from illness and a source of happiness.

Source: Ereska

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