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Grains: Black hour and a half

For the next year, Zrni will announce a special acoustic tour called Black Hour and a Half, which will be specific to its chamber atmosphere with candlelight and the close proximity of the band to listeners.

Grains come before Christmas with a clip to the acoustic version of the song When you get lost . Intimate mood was captured by director Tomáš Bláha in the Kladské kaple sv. Floriána.

Video clip When you lose

Grains are forever innovators and seekers, they still have their hands full, and they always have something special. Evidence is a new video clip for a live song When you lose from the last album Sparkling . "Cait is an organist in the Kladensky church. And we were thinking about playing this song with organs. It has a rich harmony that appeals to it. We invited Tomáš Bláha to play it on camera. Tomáš tossed all the clips to the new album and he was with us in Madrid when shooting the album. The sound was won by our occasional concert sound engineer, Viki Hokeš. We met in the Kadesh Chapels of St. Florian and a few versions we shot, " writes singer of the band Honza Unger. When you lose yourself, it carries the sound of rawness, unprepared by postproduction in the studio. Dominant here are the church organ, strong and loud, perfectly underlining the harmony of the composition and the sensitivity of the untraditionally chosen space. The whole thing with its character is the forthcoming Black Hour tour and half in 2018.

The sad event of the death of the father of the drummer Ondřej Slavík is also related to the shooting: "Our father died a day later in our hospital. And so, without knowing it, we were playing Ondrej's father, whom we all knew, good-bye. And though it is "If you lose" otherwise a song about birth, this version is a disappearance that is necessary for the birth. An unexpected actor plays in the clip, a butterfly that has awakened our sleep from sleep. So it's probably Ondrej's dad, " says Unger. The clip is a tribute to the memory of the deceased Mr. Slavik, the backdrop of the church, and the awake awake of the butterfly put together a touching and mystical picture mosaic of place and time.

This autumn, Zrní in the Babylon Studio in Bratislava experienced an extraordinary situation when electricity was no longer on the sound recorder. The band forced to improvise and the concert was acoustically, not quite, at the last minute they managed to secure the extensions from the nearby fast food, so they called a singing, a violin, a guitar and switched on a couple of lights. Candles were lit all over the place, the Grains were playing under the stage, among the people, without electronic background, and the audience sang with them. The next day, back in the van, they agreed to repeat this, to inspire this unexpected situation and to play part of the concerts next year. Create a simulated black out, black watch.

After the sold out baptism of the album Sparks in the Karlín Forum, the Grains are back to this format. In the upcoming year, they are preparing a unique Black Hour and a Half Hour tour, and the big club stages will be exchanged for cafes or unusual cultural venues.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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