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Expert Comment: The closing of holiday shops is beneficial

Even with Christmas this year, all major stores were closed for almost three consecutive days. Although this regulation is beneficial for the state, its implementation should be more consistent. An optimal solution would be to close out stores of all sizes, not just for some, but for all the holidays of the year. In addition, shops should be closed on Sundays as in Western countries. Employees would therefore have more time for their family or hobbies.

When the law on the closure of shops over 200 square meters on selected holidays came into force last year, it was a step in the right direction. But his rules should be set even better. In particular, the law does not measure all the same metro , so only some businesses, not all, should be closed.

Inequality can also be seen in the fact that closure deals only for certain holidays. While the stores remain closed during Christmas, holidays are not going on holidays at the beginning of July. For a long time, the state has tried to interfere with the opening hours of the shops as little as possible, so the stores use it and, in the vast majority of cases, try to open them all the days when the law does not prohibit them. So even on Sunday. In Western countries, namely in neighboring Germany, Austria or the Netherlands, the stores are closed on Sunday .

The non-viability of Sunday traffic

Just opening on Sundays is particularly unprofitable for shops in Czech villages up to 1000 inhabitants. Some people go for free shopping for supermarkets, some stay home with their family. So, in the small village shops, almost no one goes these days. So, if the law were to apply to all stores, salespeople and shop assistants could also pay for their family or hobbies. Most other businesses would be closed on holidays or on Sundays, so there would be no reason why they should go to work. The family and the whole society suffer from it.
It can not even agree with the opinion of the trade unions that salesmen go to work on Sundays or on holidays because of surcharges. If their wages are high enough, they will not need it. This is closely related to the density of the retail space per inhabitant, which is record in our country. If there is less store density, the rest will be more efficient and will be able to afford higher salaries. Here too, higher regulation by the state should take place.

Although the opening hours of holiday shops are the right step, the implementation of the law should be better. To be comprehensible, logical and valid for all, without exception. Ideally, it should touch all stores, regardless of the size, all the holidays, and all the usual days when most of the businesses are also closed - hence not. In short and well, when regulation, either complex or preferably none. Any partial solution (opening hours, EET, no smoking) is bad, always discriminatory for somebody.

Author of the commentary: Roman Mazák, Chairman of the CBA CZ Team
Source: tz, edited editorially

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