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What about inappropriate gifts? Return, exchange, or sell

Every year there are waiting for us presents under the tree to make us happy. But what if they do not fit or do not fit our expectations? Returning or changing goods is fairly common, but we advise to act on time. Moreover, this right does not apply everywhere and is certainly not unlimited.

Returning or exchanging unsuccessful Christmas presents is an annual evergreen.
The offer of goods is inexhaustible and some people "do not" and buy something that does not fit the gifted person or it is not entirely according to his idea. Fortunately, traders can solve these situations, and especially after Christmas they have to redeem the goods or return money.

However, the right to return the goods is granted only in specified cases, in particular if we have purchased the so-called long-distance communication (most often on the Internet) or outside the business premises (for example, on the street). However, the 14-day period that the Civil Code makes for reflection is insufficient in the Christmas period. Whoever buys on the internet in advance can be prepared for the return advantage. "Many e-shops, but pre-buy customers, compensate for their activity and give them the opportunity to return goods for example by the end of the year or until the end of January . Although they do not have the obligation to go beyond the law, but if they are tempted by customers for the extended return of goods before Christmas, they must adhere to it, " explains Lukáš Zelený, head of the legal department of consumer organization dTest, adding: " Do not forget that the withdrawal period it's running since the takeover. "

Almost everything can be unpacked and tested within a fortnight. By telling the seller that you will return the thing, you will withdraw from the contract. You have a maximum of 14 days to return the goods to the store. You return the goods complete, if possible in their original packaging, undamaged, but if they have traces of testing, the right to withdraw from the contract does not cease. The seller must return your money within 14 days of withdrawal, but it usually makes it faster.

It is more complicated to return goods in ordinary stone shops. There is no legal right to reverse anything without giving a reason, so every business deals with it and customers have a hard head. "The possibility of returning or exchanging goods is common in large shops and chains, but it is not the duty of the entrepreneur. Every year, a number of consumers are leaving with unpaid because a particular vendor did not have the chance to return the goods or the customer did not meet the return conditions that each trader can set up according to himself, "says Lukas Zeleny.

The conditions for returning the goods are individual and it is good to follow them when selecting a shop, especially if you are not sure whether you hit the gift. Usually you will need your original receipt, sometimes the packaging and all the tags. Some stores will refund you money, others will only offer you a replacement or a purchase order.

"The deadlines are also individual, the shortest starts at 14 days, or the trader determines the fixed date by which the goods purchased before Christmas can be returned . The normal period is about one month, but the exception is not even longer. Look for specific information in sales and reclamation orders, on receipts, but most importantly ask yourself when you buy, under what conditions and when, "says Green.

Have you run out of time or do not choose anything else from the seller's offer? Do not worry, there is still an increasingly popular option . Pending sales do not just make deals, but more and more households themselves. Gifts are sold out on advertising or auction servers or on social networks. Occasional resale of domestic surpluses is not a business and does not need to be reported anywhere.

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