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Women without a partner are happier than single men

Over 60% of women without a partner are happy in their single life, according to the latest research by Mintel. For men, this figure is lower, and only 49%. The reason, according to the study, is the fact that maintaining a relationship places on women relatively high emotional and physical demands. In addition, single women have greater socialization opportunities than single men, they also have a wider network of friends to maintain the necessary social contact.

According to the latest research by Mintel, 61% of women without a partner are happy in their single life, while 49% of them are men. The survey also found that 75% of single women did not actively seek new relationships for the past year compared to 65% of single men. The reason is, according to research, the fact that for a woman the maintenance of a heterosexual relationship is demanding, and generally means more effort than men. The woman spends more time doing homework, and even more emotionally, because it is more difficult for the problem to solve.

Women help wider social ties

For women without a partner to be happier than men without a partner, ladies also help to live a more social life and are more likely to have close friends to whom they can turn in case of trouble. Women usually have better alternative social networks and more confidential friends. Men, on the contrary, often rely on their wives and partners in general and generally have fewer social connections. Experts agree that single women live in a richer social life and have more friends than women with partners. This is also related to the fact that single women can now lead a rich sex life. "Even single life can be sexually rich. There are a number of erotic aids made specifically for women's needs. These include various vibrators, Venus balls or vibrating eggs, "said Adam Durčák ( "Women are also characterized by the fact that they are often looking for tools for themselves, whether they have a partner or not," adds Adam Durčák.

Individual women, according to experts, also record the fact that the company's view of their life without a partner changes. The concept of old virgins is receding and society can already understand that women appreciate their independence. Single life has become a common phenomenon today; it is no longer true that the unmarried woman would look through her fingers. That he would not be financially secure.

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