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Jan Hřebejk at Divadlo Na Jezerce sixth, Petr Vacek awaits director's debut

For the sixth time, director Jan Hřebejk will return to Jezerce Theater for the sixth time. Under his battalion he has been here since 19.3. Peter Quilter's musical comedy will start to be amazing. The Premiere will be 26.4. The least anticipated novelty in 2018 is Saturnin by Zdeněk Jirotka's book of the same name, which will also be the director's debut of actor Petr Vacek on the Nusel scene. Trials start in March, the first show will be watched 30.5.

Is it really breathtaking?

Comedy Directed by Jan Hřebejk, who has been on Jezerce's record five times under very successful titles, is fascinating about the worst singer in the world. As the divine Florence, actress Jitka Sedláčková will be introduced. In a true story, the singer longs to appear before an audience who will adore her. But how could it succeed when the passion and enthusiasm of a determined woman are many times greater than her talent? Jitka Sedláčková returns to The Jezerce Theater after a successful performance of The Last Aristocrat. The new role of cranky Florence in her funny and moving comedy sits like a snap. "I like singing, but I do not think I should play this role, is not it?" She says with a smile on her role in which she can exercise her temperamental temperament. "We want the audience to have fun. And they were ashamed only for characters, not for creators, " adds Jan Hřebejk with humor.

Celebration of Grace and Honesty

For Theater Actors at The Jezera Petr Vacka , Saturnin is the first director experience. "It's such a Czech classic. At the time of the Nazi occupation, Zdeněk Jirotka wrote "a humorous" book, which is in fact a celebration of honesty, honesty and democratic values. And he wrote it so genially that the reader would not even notice it, enjoy it and take this message as a matter of course. So Saturnin is always up to date, " he says. "I have to contend with the fact that the book is chronically known and jokes such as" I brought you worms "will not surprise anyone. But at the same time, everyone wants them. I have to put them to laugh. I want to make a game with a good look and not to throw the story, but to honor it, " adds Vacek. He himself performed in Saturnin on stage theaters and later in the film.

With a great interest of readers, a narrative book for the 15th birthday of Jan Hrušínský Theater Company meets. On 240 pages, this representative publication maps the word and photographs of the company's fifteen-year history and its 37 productions. At the same time, it captures life on Jezerce as the audience does not know. The book is still on sale right in Divadlo Na Jezerce, you can also find it in Semafor Theater and Neoluxor Prague bookshops.

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