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Action fliers lose importance

The action leaflets have long been a major marketing tool for grocery stores. Their impact, however, is diminishing over time, as do representatives of the retail sector. So their leaflets slim down, reduce the number of action items and slowly test the system without leaflet distribution. In spite of the initial concerns, their cancellation eventually meant in several cases an increase in sales, mainly due to good store availability and overall low prices.

The best answer to the question of how to lure consumers to buy food in a particular store was a long-term action flyer. However, their influence and importance diminish over time. As shown by this year's GfK survey, from 2013 onwards, their importance has fallen from 40% to 33%, while in the 30-45 age group, only a third of customers account for discounts in leaflets. Declining importance of leaflets is perceived by representatives of retail. According to the chairman of the CBA Co-operative, Roman Mazák will also decrease in the future. For this reason, the retail network has already tested the complete exclusion of promotional prints at some of its stores. "In spite of initial concerns, sales did not decrease, and some stores even increased. So it can be said that the leaflet period is slowly behind us, " said Mazák.

However, this does not mean that promotional materials with discounts will definitely disappear in the near future. According to Mazak, however, businesses have to respond appropriately to the declining influence. "In the past five years, we have reduced the number of items in leaflets first and foremost. The design has also changed, which is much easier and clearer than before. For the next year, there will be further significant simplification. While several different types have been manufactured by division of stores, from the next year the leaflet will be practically uniform, " said Mazák.

Customers appreciate low prices and availability

The main factors contributing to the reduction of the importance of action fliers include, for example, the availability of the trade. It is very strong in small villages. According to Romano Mazák, however, it is important that businesses do not exploit this advantage and offer food too expensive. A much more effective tool than action fliers is that they are consistently low prices. "If the store has year-round low prices, the customer perceives it. Therefore, products need not be included in leaflets. The price will be the same, so even sales will not change. In today's hectic times, when consumers often resort to less frequent but large purchases, the price of one or two products is no longer a role for them, but the overall pricing policy of trade . They simply perceive whether the deal is cheap or expensive and that 's why they decide, " added Mazák. In addition to availability and low prices, the overall look and feel of the store and the breadth of its range play a big part in the customer. It should be so high that the customer can handle all of his purchases in one store and does not have to divide this activity between multiple different outlets.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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