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To make the discount really a discount

The sale time is in full swing. Some retailers cheaper before Christmas, the main attraction for consumers, however, is the ubiquitous pledging sales that go smoothly into those new years. What good to remember is that you do not regret the "good" purchase later? What do you want to keep saving thanks to the discounts?

1 + 1 free of charge, bust of prices, total sale, discounts up to 80%, all in half - similar inscriptions are trying to give the impression that cheaper it will not be and should be bought without hesitation. The sellouts are, were and will be popular, but if you really want to save, you need to keep your head cool. Each sales action is a deliberate marketing move on a customer. Although it may not be a deliberately misleading business practice, you can regret the purchase later.

" Take a reserve of expense that attracts too high discounts and total sales. When you look closely at the ad, the word 'to' is often tilted before the digit. The goods with the highest discount will definitely not be a full store, and you will have a problem finding out what is actually so much discounted, " says Lukáš Zelený, head of the legal department of the consumer organization dTest, adding: " If the trader is at a discount, his final price and quantification of the discount for the penny to sit. If you do not have the numbers on the price tag, file a complaint with the Czech Trade Inspection Authority. Consumer misleading can be fairly expensive for traders. " Unfounded impression of the disposal of a shop, a total sale of goods, a limited offer or offer that is intended only for a particular consumer (exclusive to you) is also illegal if this advertising does not correspond to reality.

It is also important to have some insight into how much of the selected goods are usually worth. Making a 50% discount in a shop does not mean that you do not buy it at a discounted price elsewhere. The boundary between marketing and deceptive business practices already exceeds false discounts where the seller does not actually discount the price of the product and the word "discount" only uses it as a magical spell to attract a distraught consumer to buy. Some merchants also resort to a temporary increase in the price so they can lower it to the original level and make the difference for a discount. Year after year, the Czech Trade Inspectorate reveals a number of mistakes that retailers make when discounting and misleading customers.

And how is the guarantee for discounted goods? You may encounter a claim that the warranty is not covered by the discounted product range or limited. "There is no such thing, even for the goods purchased in the discount legal guarantee of 24 months. The exception is the situation where the product has been discounted due to a defect - of course, it is not possible to claim the goods, but for all other defects of the given goods the guarantee is valid. The reason for such a discount is to be informed by the customer when buying, and this fact should be confirmed on the proof of purchase, " explains Lukáš Zelený.

Be sure to also add free 3 + 1 events. In the event of a claim, the merchant may assert that the guarantee is not covered by a "free" piece. It is true that the guarantee applies only to the goods for which you have paid, but it is always necessary to determine which piece is the "gift". If it is not possible to distinguish individual pieces, it is only a quantity discount and you can claim each item separately.

If you need to advise on a Christmas gift refund or complaint or a problem with a fake discount, call dTest at 299 149 009, where our consultants will be happy to advise you between 9 am and 5 pm. The service is free, you only pay the price of your call according to your tariff. You can also find the information you need at or write your question through the web form .

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