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Addiction: the role is not just the environment

Dependence, whether on alcohol or drugs, can occur in anyone. Not related to education, environment or personal attitudes. Sometimes it's hard to understand why some people are more prone to addiction than others.

Six critical factors

Dependence does not mean weak will and lack of morality. The chemical reactions that occur in the brain of the affected individuals differ from those who are healthy. The factors that increase the risk of becoming addicted are a lot.
Genes. Inheritance contributes to one-half addiction . There is no specific dependence, but generally tends to create oneself.
Environment. This factor mainly affects children and adolescents. Lack of parenting or even abuse often leads to experimentation with alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs. They can also serve teenagers as a means to cope with their own emotions. Peer pressure may be a trigger for addiction problems at this age. Negative influence is also the easy availability of alcohol at various events.
Double Diagnosis. Dependencies create a vicious circle with different mental disorders (such as depression), where one problem evokes and strengthens the other. In the same way, injuries or illnesses that lead to a change in lifestyle increase the risk - alcohol becomes a means of forgetting trouble, drugs can "help" with pain .
Age. Taking drugs in adolescence is detrimental to the developing brain, which later increases among others the susceptibility to mental disorders.
Drug type. Some addictions (cocaine, heroin, pervitin) develop faster than others (for alcohol, marijuana, etc.). They show up physically, forcing the user to take another dose to avoid withdrawal symptoms.
Method of use. Injectable or inhaled drugs go directly into the bloodstream and increase the risk of dependence on those that are swallowed.

Fight not give up!

Risk factors increase the possibility of addiction, but they can always fight successfully. Avoid the environment, people, and situations that trigger the "drug" of yours, and do not be afraid to contact your doctor to help.

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