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The welcome of the Chinese New Year has, over time, become a worldwide phenomenon, in which the sometimes shiny processions and explosions of fireworks overlap the spiritual dimension given by the many centuries of tradition.

The Festival, which has been traditionally preparing Chinese Songwriter Feng-yün Song for many years in Bohemia, offers an alternative to silence and reflection in beautiful music. "After the Year of the Kohout, we enter the Dog, which is characterized by loyalty, loyalty, straightforwardness. These characteristics inspire in the pattern of behavior - trust, stand firmly behind our decisions, what we do; direct communication and, unlike egocentric Kohout, the Dog directly calls for humiliation and service to people and their surroundings, without complaining and complaining, " says the founder of the Feng-yûn Song Festival.

Feng-yûn Song to Bohemia brings true traditions not only from native China every year and creates intimate but stronger bridges between cultures and individuals by their creative and dramaturgical creativity. was founded in 2008 under the Feng-yên Song os, and under her leadership she enters the second decade. As in previous years, this year, each of the evenings is unique, unrepeatable by its atmosphere and program. "Music and the human voice are given the key to understanding and understanding between people, peoples and cultures," says Feng-yûn Song, adding: "I think that this particularity of music is gaining more and more importance in today's special and uncertain times." will welcome a new Chinese year in Hradec Kralove, Plzen, Jablonec nad Nisou and Prague. Again, it crosses the genres and links artificially to European tradition, untraditional music projects, and Orient-flavored music and dances.
On Wednesday, February 14th, the premiere concert of the Drama Theater is performed by the blind pianist and singer Ráchel Skleničková , accompanied by Anna Malinariková , who plays the violin. The festival evening accompanies the singer, as well as a day later, on Thursday, February 15, at the House of Music in Pilsen, where on the stage welcomes Voice of the Bass , a unique project by excellent singer Ridina Ahmed and bass player Petr Tichý . On Wednesday, February 21, at the Eurocentre in Jablonec nad Nisou the Speckrum Alikvoto Choir will perform with Karel Kekesi .

On Friday, Feb. 23, the festival culminates with the ceremony of the Dog's Concert at Palac Akropolis in Prague. It will be divided into two parts, Music Feasts and Open Scenes in which Feng-yûn Song invites guests to the stage: Korean Peggy Choy , Vladimir Vaclav, Vesna Caceres, Andy Seidel, Pavel Půtu, Pavel Macák, Jaroslav Kořán, New York , Petra Tichý and the girls' choir C maj . The gala evening for the year of the Dog in Prague Acropolis will be moderated by Martin Zbrozek .

More information on the festival website .

Source: tz, edited editorially

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