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Abandoned huts attract thieves most in the winter. How to defend yourself?

Police statistics show the long-term trend of declining crime in the Czech Republic. The exception is not burglaries in huts, which compared with last year was down by thirteen percent. In the winter, when recreational objects are abandoned for long weeks, the thieves' activity has been the longest one for the longest. In the following article, let's talk about how to prevent them, and avoid an unpleasant surprise when returning to the chat room.

According to the most recent statistics of the Czech Police, the trend of the decrease in crime does not avoid burglary. In 2017, there were 1437 between January and October, compared to the same period in the previous year, this is about a thirteen percent drop. However, it is just the current winter months when abandoned cottages attract the most potential thieves. "With the resettlement of people back in the winter, we see that booths are attracting more thieves these months than they are for the rest of the year," said police commissioner-in-chief Ivan Nguyen. There are several ways to eliminate such a danger.

The windows provide security foils, grilles and shading technology

Generally, the weakest place of each cottage can be considered a window. Often they can be overcome with less effort - for example, simply by throwing stone. "In this respect, we recommend mainly mechanical security. Options such as grids or security foils, " said Ivan Nguyen. While the first mode of protection can be an insurmountable obstacle for a potential thief, the safety sheet will slow down the entry of the unnamed person into the cottage.
Another option in terms of security can be the use of shading techniques. "Roller shutters, in addition to providing maximum shading, also function as a safety feature. Special springs prevent unwanted mechanical lift and hold the lamellas in one plane. In addition to the grilles, it also fulfills the design function, their appearance is possible due to a variety of variants to match any element of the building, " said Lubomir Valenta (Lomax).

Help can clean up or change around

For a large number of Czechs, the onset of the winter season means that the cottage is full of frosts and its next visit is planted with the advent of spring. This is the ideal opportunity for potential thieves. Experts therefore recommend that people chatting from time to time even during the winter, and with their activity can be scared by robbers who have been watching for a long time. "It is important for owners to visit objects at irregular intervals, clear leaves and snow. In short, it is unclear that no one has visited the chat for a long time. Policemen control over the preventive activities of the cottage area, but we call upon the owners to ensure their huts are secure enough and sometimes to check them on their own initiative, " added the Chief Justice of the Police Presidium.

It is not necessary for every villager to have to take care of his house, for example, every week. To help with this, for example, can be a deal with a neighbor with whom a person can alternate between snow and leaves. The neighbor can also notice changes in the neighborhood and contact the owner of the cottage.

Frequently underestimated garage

Even the main entrances to the building should not be underestimated. As with a classic house or flat, it is therefore worth investing in the quality of security at the front door, which is given by the six-degree security class. In the case of a cottage, however, it is definitely not necessary to choose the highest class, the third or fourth degree of safety is rich enough. Both types of doors are made of puncture resistant materials in this case and use a number of mechanical elements, such as numerous locking points or tilting spikes.
However, according to experts, it is necessary to think of all inputs on long-term abandonment. "While security doors become a standard at the main entrance, people often underestimate the entrance to the garage. This part of the house can become the weakest element of the whole building due to its security. In this case, the solution is to purchase quality doors, whose gearbox can prevent unwanted lifting. At the same time, it is possible to combine mechanical stops with various electrical elements, " explained Lubomír Valenta garage security.

Security service remotely

One reason why criminals are more discouraged from burglary from year to year is also a growing popularity of security systems. According to Nguyen, the connection of the object to the centralized protection counter in the region was well proven. A more demanding option is to furnish the cottage with a comprehensive security system, which in case of unwanted persons entering the building will not only trigger an alarm, but will also immediately notify the owner by phone that an uninvited person is trying to reach the facility. A great advantage is also a connection to a security agency that usually arrives at the crime scene in minutes.

While the older security systems used the thieves to cut them off from the power source, current models of damage or disconnection from the power supply are reported by the owner. They themselves have their own power supply. With the use of modern technology, it is possible to keep track of events in a remote object, such as using a smartphone. It can be operated not only by the security system but also by the shield. Just moving with blinds at a distance can cause a potential thief to feel that someone is in the cottage, and to discourage him from the burglary in time.

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