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Stay smart, or where you find buried treasure at home

Was it one of your New Year's resolutions to save? But do you think that within your daily life and rituals it is no longer possible to find reserves in your household? We have some tips for you where you can hide savings that you may have no idea of ​​so far.

There is no light like light

Do you still use the classic light bulb because LED lights and energy saving light bulbs are too expensive? You're making a mistake. Not only do these sources have a much longer life, compared to classic incandescent lamps up to 18 times, but if you additionally go out in rooms where no one is down, you can save up to 80% of lighting costs. Whoever does not want to invest in the purchase of energy-saving light sources one-off can even rent them to some companies.

Tip: For outdoor lighting, use solar lamps, motion sensors for public lighting and corridors.

Brush and wash the dishes at lower temperatures

Did you know that saving the washing temperature from 90 to 60 degrees will save up to 25% of the cost? Likewise, you can cut your cost by up to 30% if you wash the eco program. Therefore, use the prewash only when necessary, as well as slightly soiled dishes to wash in a more gentle program.

Tip: It pays to invest in the dishwasher. The washing machine is able to wash the full contents of the dishes with 10-12 liters of water, which is almost 7 times less than if you washed the same amount of dishes by hand.

Beware of appliances

A big glow of energy can be the use of a fridge. In the room, the refrigerator should always have space around it and should be as far away as possible from the thermal appliances. Put freshly cooked food in the refrigerator until it is cold and often defrost.
You can spend hundreds of millions a year unnecessarily if you keep the electronics on standby, monitors in screen saver mode, or chargers in the sockets and after charging. Therefore, switch off the appliance correctly with the main switch or pull it out of the socket.

Tip: If your finances allow you, do not hesitate to invest in new appliances. By replacing a 10 year old appliance, you can save up to 45% of your costs. When purchasing new appliances, watch the energy label and prefer the devices in groups A and A +.

Do not "Put the Lord in the windows"

In addition to the lucky ones who can influence heating costs through their own boiler, additional measures can be saved. Radiators should be free, with heavy curtains or pieces of furniture not hindered by heating. Also, observe the recommended temperatures while the warmest (22-24 ° C) should be in the bathroom and the coolest (17-19 ° C) in the corridors. If you go to work, lower the temperature to 17 ° C, while leaving home for 15 hours. Before bedtime, reduce the heating performance in all rooms.

Tip: Wind it briefly and intensively. Just open a wide window three times a day for ten minutes. This will change the air and cool the walls.

Replace the bath for the shower

The biggest glow of water is personal hygiene. You save up to a third of your water if you prefer showering before bathing. You can also save it by using a power shower head.
To flush WCs, invest in a dual flushing system where you use 6 liters of water for large flushing and 3 liters of small flushing. This system will allow a four-member family to save up to 40% of the annual water consumption.

Tip: When cleaning your teeth, washing your hands or shaving, always close the tap, otherwise under your hands protects no more than 10 liters of water per minute.

Optimize regular household payouts

Check out your phone fare, contracts with energy suppliers, or even financial products or loan installments. You may find hidden reserves that you have no idea. Although changes in suppliers and providers, whether energy suppliers, telephone operators or financial companies, are still not common in Czech companies, choosing a more profitable product can save up to thousands of dollars a year for competitors.
Tip: For example, you can save money by consolidating loans into one loan. "Thanks to the so-called Partner Consolidation, couples living in a common household have the opportunity to merge all the loans of both partners into one, earning less interest and a monthly installment than they originally, and saving money for the whole family," says Cyril Křuppala (Cofidis).

Good habits will help you save:

turn off
search for energy-efficient sources
brush and wash the dishes gently
switch off electrical appliances
watch the energy labels
defrost frequently
heat efficiently
blow up briefly and intensively
shower and turn off the water
flush with reason
look for hidden reserves and savings for suppliers
do not be afraid to invest in change
consolidate your credits

Source: tz, edited editorially

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