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Seven reasons to cook in steam

Do you think there is no way to prepare food at the same time tasty, healthy, cheap and simple? We found him for you!

Steaming or, as we say, steaming, is a modern and healthy way to prepare food. Why should you try it in your kitchen?

1. Preserves the structure and taste of food

Are you afraid that steamed food will taste deliciously? The opposite is true! Steam retains the natural flavor of raw materials, and you will soon find that dishes taste great and require much less salt. At the same time, steam will better retain the appearance and structure of the food. Bleached, pale and mash-like vegetables will become your past in your kitchen.

2. Do not destroy vitamins or minerals

Steak broccoli keeps 81% of vitamin C; after cooking in the water it is only 30%. When cooked, vitamins and minerals are washed into the water, baking and frying them again destroys the very high temperature. And the same happens with the precious antioxidants in the vegetables contained. To make a meal rich in all these substances, you have basically two choices: either eat them raw or steam.

3. Does not require oil

Oil adds unnecessary calories to food, burned at high temperatures additionally contains cancerous substances. Steam cooking is done without it. And then, of course, it's up to you to make a ready-made dish on a plate with a few drops of healthy, extrapanic olive oil.

4. You will cook almost everything

In our grandmother's cookies, this culinary trick is mostly associated with the heating of dumplings. Here, almost everything can be prepared in hot steam - from chicken and fish meat to potatoes, rice or legumes, to the vegetable sky and fruit dessert.

5. It is not complicated or lengthy

Are you not really a chef and you do not want to spend hours on the stove? Then steam is what you are looking for. It is only necessary to wash, cut, paste and feed the food and watch the time. Then a light touch of salt, spice, olive oil or soy sauce is enough ... Within a few dozen minutes there is a good, colorful hot meal in the world.

6. Ease cleaning after cooking

Because you cook just above the water, steam cooking keeps your kitchen clean. You can forget about the smell of oil, burnt pans and greasy stoves.

7. It may not be expensive

So how do you actually steam? For the first experiments with steaming, you will have a metal steaming fan like dumplings and a pot with a lid. If you like cooking in steam, you can also find a wide selection of steam pots in the shops. They allow you to cook at several levels simultaneously, precisely regulate temperature, time, ... Their disadvantage is a relatively high price. As a middle way, there are special double-bottom steamers, which, in addition to stainless steel, are also made of practical kitchen silicone.

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