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Frank Zappa's band The Grandmothers Of Invention in May in Prague

Frank Zappa, even after almost 25 years of leaving, managed to keep an exceptional position among Czech fans. He was one of the greatest personalities in the history of rock music in the second half of the 20th century, and all who have passed through his bands and concerts are still outstanding characters in the music scene. This also applies to members of the band The Grandmothers of Invention, who will play a concert composed entirely of Zappa's songs at the Lucerna Music Bar in Prague on May 9, 2018 at 8 pm

The name of the band refers to the typical self-portrait of Mike's Invention , the first band by Frank Zappa. In her starring years she played both the legendary keyboardist and singer Don Preston , the saxophonist and flute player Bunk Gardner , while a marimba player, vibraphone, other melodic percussion and Ed Mann Zappa keys were also played in later releases. These excellent musicians are greatly complemented by drummer, percussionist and singer Christopher Garcia . It's hard to find more vocalists for Zappa, not simple but original and still sparkling and funny music.

The concert will take place on May 9, 2018 at the Lucerna Music Bar.

The Grandmothers of Invention
originated in 2002 from the need of Frank Zappa's teammates to remember actively the 10th anniversary of his departure for the last endless tour. The unanswered and energetic show proved that Frank's spirit in his teammates is still lingering and the group of tastes continues their mission further. She has performed more than 400 concerts from USA through most European countries to Australia. Under the funny slogan "We can still do that on stage!", Freely translatable like "We still do it on stage!" Will come to please their Czech fans again.

Frank Zappa
was undoubtedly one of the greatest musical phenomena of the second half of the 20th century. He excelled not only as a brilliant musician, composer and bandmaster with an infallible sense of choice for top teammates, but also as a powerful versatile personality of broad scope, with an extraordinary sense of razor-sharp humor, irony and self-irony. His work always stood outside the mainstream and in his lyrics or legendary speeches during the concerts, the American political scene, the dull bourgeois of the provincial town, the naive intellectual of the NY, and the naive floral movement of the hippies. The ability of ironic insight and disrespect for any kind of modulation were undoubtedly the basic reasons why his work was permanently written into the hearts of Czech fans.

Mejla Hlavsa was inspired by the Zapp song when he founded the legendary The Plastic People of the Universe and the coincidence of the fate of one of Frank Zappa's latest public appearances with guitar in hand was the Prague concert to leave the Soviet troops from Czechoslovakia in 1991 . The music of great irony and its unrepeatable atmosphere will bring a concert of old but still good-grandmothers of Invention.

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