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Dorian Gray comes to life in Swan Theater as a hunter of experience

The famous story of a charming young man and his portrait that reflected all his sins while the lovely model was still young, desirable, and without spotting. Wishing to be a company's adornment and to show trends. And also hunger for ever new experiences. All this has been brilliantly described by writer Oscar Wilde in the Picture of Dorian Gray in the late 19th century. He now inspired the production of the same name in the Švanda Theater.

According to Martin Kinské's script and directed by the world-famous dancer and choreographer Miřenka Čechová, and with the music of Vladimír Franz, the premiere of the premiere of the 10th February in the Grand Hall is expected. The title role is made by Ondřej Kraus.

Dorian Gray is a charming young man with a unique gift to act on the other. He wants to use every possibility of this world to experience every pleasure. Who would not want to live here and now - and so live forever? There is a terrible mystery behind Dorian's innocent, yet beautiful face.

Hunters and humor

The author of theater adaptation and director Martin Kinski took the adaptation of Wilde's masterpiece, among other things, as a testimony to one of the dramatic phenomena of our time: "Oscar Wilde is very up to date. What is now possible for people of a certain social class at that time is much greater today: the number of those who are no longer resolved, how to survive, but what to experience is growing. We seek to fill our - relatively secure - life, and very often we change the excitement of meaning. But satisfaction, let alone reconciliation, we do not. And of the hunters of experiences we become staggering, " says Martin Kinsky. She also acts as a dramaturgist at Švandy and she also appeared as a successful director of Pankrác '45. An important impetus for the production of Wilde's novel for more than a hundred years was the essay of Jan Keller's sociologist "Dorian Gray and the Society of Experiences" , the insights of his German colleague Gerhard Schulze, as well as a more detailed study of the life of Oscar Wilde himself.

The motion concept of the production is created by Miřenka Čechová , a talented dancer and choreographer operating successfully all over the world. Thanks to her, Dorian Gray's Picture will also be a very contemporary story of desire. Desires for beauty and eternal youth, but still after a new excitement and perfect self-presentation. The female tandem Martina Kinská and Miřenka Čechová is complemented by another key co-producer of the play, the playwright Martin Sládeček .

Young boy like fire and ice

In the role of charming and harsh Dorian, we will see a fresh graduate of JAMU in Brno, Ondřej Kraus - for the younger brother of actor Martin Kraus, he is one of the greatest tasks in his theatrical career. "Dorian's character goes through several changes in the game and is very colorful - it's like fire and ice, something is constantly going on in it, it's growing and never a step back," says Ondřej Kraus. The key role of Dorian's friend, Cynical Counselor Henry Wotton, will be presented by Luboš Veselý , painter Basil portrays Tomáš Petřík . Tomáš Červinek, Marta Dancingerová, Jacob Erftemeijer, Miroslav Hruška, Michaela Rykrová, Natálie Řehořová and Marie Štípková .

The music is composed by Vladimir Franz, the stage was designed by Lucie Labajová, the costumes are from the workshop of Jozef Hugo Čačka. The light design is tuned by Jiří Šmirk.

Wilde's novel from 1891, immediately after its release, immediately upset the British public and became one of the main "evidence" that led to the sentencing of a writer to two years of heavy jail. The story, revealing the sharp and witty hypocrisy of the time, without concealing the burning secrets of the author's soul, fascinates readers to this day. For its original plot, image refinement and irritating sex appeal, Dorian Gray's painting appears on stage theaters, not by chance, even in the form of a ballet, also known as a musical. In the current interpretation of the playwright and director Martina Kinská and with the significant contribution of the choreographer Miřenka Čechová, this classical work of British modernism returns to the Czech stage with the ambition to address today's audience.

The premiere of the game is on Saturday, February 10, the closest reruns are scheduled on the 12th and 23rd of the month.

Source: tz, edited editorially

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