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Villa Pellé a magical place for children's fantasy with the exhibition Daisy Mrázková

The exhibition Daisy Mrázková, which is named after one of the leading Czech painter and writer: What would happen if ... he also invites small and big to the world of fantasy in the new year.

The exhibition itself offers especially illustrations from Daisy Mrázková 's book with fascinating details, as well as the lesser known free creation by Daisy Mrázková . The world of children's literature has enriched this prominent artist with a dozen books translated into a number of languages. In small stories, the emphasis on the basic values ​​and the development of children's curiosity and fantasy has been emphasized. Exhibition What would happen if ... be seen in the Villa Pellé Gallery in Prague 6 until January 28, 2018 .

Daisy Mrázková has an exceptional place in her children's books in the second half of the twentieth century. "The stories of Daisy Mrázková's first books belonged first and foremost to her own children and later to their children's children and to everyone else. They are not a way of fairy tale, but they are fantasies and awe of discovering the living world. In a sense, they are also a kind of morality, the discovery of the world is also perceived in their moral ground, " explains Jan Rous.

Daisy Mrázková
opened a special world to the children of living beings, people and animals, gifted with the ability to communicate with each other, warmth and understanding of their relationships. In her tales the rocks, the clouds, and everything the world contains, speak. At the same time, however, the color, line and water of the watercolor come to life, and they claim their own expression. Its unique books are extraordinary because it draws the painter's own values ​​of painting and drawing, colors and lines that are part of stories between beings and phenomena. The impetus for its creation was a narrow circle of artists' friends - Václav Boštík, Jan Křížek, Václav Bartovský, and especially her husband Jiří Mrázek , who became her life-long support after her short studies at the Academy of Arts. But the influence of Daisy Mrázková's creation also had her English roots and childhood spent with the books of Mother Huska or Alice in Wonderland. The exhibition at Villa Pellé Gallery attempts to find a concurrence of the author of the artwork with the free creation - her paintings and drawings. Even with this connection, the work of Daisy Mrázek is unique.

Daisy Mrázková
was born in 1923, she died in December 2016. She studied at the School of Applied Arts at prof. Antonín Strnadela in the years 1943-1944. As an artist, she has participated in a number of exhibitions. Together with her husband, she was a member of the UB 12 art group. She devoted herself to oil painting, from 1962 to children's literature and illustrating books for children, later drawing works in pencil drawing, color pencil drawing and painting of egg tempera in the nineties. She has been exhibiting since 1958.

Her first author's publication is from 1965, Neplačlač, a toadstool , which she also illustrated. As time went by, words began to wane, and Mrázková became one of the first authors to create picture books in our environment. Her books have been accompanying children's readers since the late 1950s, and for example, the book Haló Jacek has become an icon of several generations. Illustration also belongs to the wider area - she was a painter at the same time, she was a great drawer, all of these areas were permeated and linked to her. Crazy literary works are translated into Slovak, English, German, Japanese, Lithuanian and Slovenian. Life fate remained connected with her husband, painter Jiří Mrázk (1920-2008).

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