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In December and January, they became dads. Are they entitled to paternity?

This year, as of 1 February, fathers will be able to apply for a new sickness insurance benefit - paternal. This seven-day dose will allow them to stay at home with their mother and their baby. However, beware that if the child is born on 21 or 22 December 2017, the benefit must begin on Thursday 1 February.

In the event of a later onset, the entitlement to the benefit would not have been met, the condition for taking the benefit would not be fulfilled within six weeks of the child's birth. The same is true in the case of a paternity claim if the child was taken into care by decision of the competent authority.

What rules for paternity payments apply in a situation where the child was born in December and January

This is illustrated by the Czech Social Security Administration (CSSA). Generally speaking, in cases where the baby was born in the six weeks prior to 1 February, ie on 21 December 2017 or later, fathers are entitled to the benefit only if the date of commencement of the paternity is set in the period from the date of entry into force until the end of the sixth week from the date of birth of the child (ie birth day + 41 days except for children born on 21 December 2017).

Example 1:
The child was born on December 25, 2017. It is necessary to enter the paternal place between February 1 and February 4, 2018.

Example 2:
The child was born on January 3, 2018. It is necessary to enter the paternal place between February 1 and February 13, 2018.

Example 3:
The child is born on Feb. 3, 2018. It is necessary to enter the paternal place between 3 February and 16 March 2018.

What are the conditions for claiming paternity

The basic condition is participation in sickness insurance (from the income from employment that lasts, social security contributions are paid). For self-employed (self-employed), the condition of voluntary participation in sickness insurance for self-employed persons must be fulfilled for at least 3 months immediately prior to the day of commencement of paternity. In the case of a self-employed person, at the time of receiving the benefit, the benefit does not belong to days in which he or she carries out a person's self-employed activity.

How to ask for a paternal

Firstly, it is necessary to ask the employer for parental leave (governed by the Labor Code). The application for a batch of paternal (paternity) paternity care will be applied to a form of the same name (available on the CSSA web site for the last week of January). The applicant fills his front page and sends it to his employer, who fills the other side. After the end of the promotion period, ie after 7 days, the employer sends the filled out form, incl. the relevant annexes to the District Social Security Administration (OSSZ), ie a procedure similar to that of other sickness insurance benefits. The self-employed will apply after the support period at the OSSZ where they are registered.

How long is paternity paid and how much

The batch is provided for a maximum of 7 calendar days from the date of commencement and its payment can not be interrupted. Father's only belongs once, even if the parent carries on twins or multiplets. The paternity amount is 70% of the reduced daily assessment base per calendar day. By law, the payout period is within one month from the date when the OSSZ receives the complete documents needed to pay it, which is made to a bank account or a postal money order.

The batch calculation calculator is available on the MLSA website .

Source: tz MPSV, edited editorially

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