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The Olympic Festival in Brno and Ostrava will offer more than 30 sports

A rich portion of sports opportunities will offer fans the Olympic 2018 Festival, which will take place in Brno and Ostrava from February 9th to February 25th. Through the Czech Olympic Team's partners, the festival will offer an opportunity for sports, but also the opportunity to rent all the sporting equipment in the rental premises directly in the festival grounds.

"As part of the preparations for the 2018 Olympic Festival, our cooperation with sporting associations was very important to us and we are glad that they all responded positively to our offer. Thanks to this, we can offer a really interesting program to the visitors of the festival, " says Libor Varhaník , vice-chairman of the Czech Olympic Committee, who is in charge of the 2018 Olympic Festival.

And what program is waiting for fans?

In both venues of the festival there will be a lot of ice hockey - in Ostrava there is prepared public commentary of the HC Vítkovice Rider extralig team, in Brno they will meet legends HC Kometa Brno in autographing.

The figure skating program will offer exhibitions, but also figure skating courses, at the end of which the participants will be able to bust with one of the Czech figure skating figures, for example Rém Novotný , world champion in the category of sports couples.

The rich part of the program consists of skiing disciplines. Not only are the cross-country skiing tracks, but also the correct skiing lessons or the race with Martin Koukal, the 50 km world champion.

Downhill ski lovers will be prepared in four mountain resorts in the Moravian-Silesian Region - Bílá, Mostek u Jablunkova, Karlova pod Pradědem and Kopřivná pod Pradědem. In the resorts, the program is situated on weekends, besides giant slalom, it includes snowboarding, fatbikes, or the Mountain Service of the Czech Republic.

There will be no acrobatic skiing . At the Pavilion Z at the Exhibition Grounds in Brno, or in the parking lot at OSTRAVAR ARENA, a snowpark will be built in which snowboarders will be able to go out. Lessons are also planned. Those who control snowboards will have a pumpingtrack track that also includes a part for skateboard and longboard rides.

Those interested in biathlon experience can test the biathlon shooting range, and the K-4 mobile ski jumper , suitable for all ages, including small children, will be at the Olympic Festival. Trainer will be ready for sleigh rides and ice rink for riding skeleton and dvojbobu racing čtyřbob will be parked for inspection. There is a show of speed skating disciplines and fans of free skating are waiting hundreds of meters of so-called icy paths. "All sports from the Winter Olympics program will be represented in the program, which was a priority for us," says Nada Černá, project manager of the 2018 Olympic Festival. "There will also be sports lessons from the summer games and they will not be less popular either. adrenaline industries such as kryathlon, a winter triathlon variant, or winter swimming, running and cross-country skiing. "

Area visitors will be able to try athletic disciplines , play table tennis at ministers. Featuring korfball, floorball, kiting, taekwondo ITF, autocross , there will be a glacier wall and there will also be demonstrations of cheerleading or ropeskipping . In addition, the mountain resorts will have a slideshow or snowshoeing. "One day in the program will be dedicated to Paralympic sports - sledge hockey, figure skating for handicapped or cross-country skiing is ready," adds Černá.

The 2018 Olympic Festival will take place in Brno and Ostrava from 9 to 25 February. The sports grounds in Brno will grow in Pavilion Z at the Brno Exhibition Grounds and its surroundings. In Ostrava, OSTRAVAR ARENA and its surroundings will be the center of the Olympic Games. The "Korean village" will grow on Masaryk Square and the program of the Olympic Festival will be transferred to four mountain resorts: Bílá, Mosty u Jablunkova, Karlova pod Pradědem and Kopřivná pod Pradědem .
The opening ceremony is planned for both premises on Friday, February 9, 11:00.
Final preparations of the Olympic festivals take place in Brno and Ostrava - details of the sports program, recruiting volunteers through the official website

Sports at the 2018 Olympic Festival

winter Olympic sports
ice hockey, figure skating, cross-country skiing, biathlon, beans, curling, acrobatic skiing, figure skating, speed skating, sleigh, skeleton, snowboarding,

summer Olympic sports
athletics, table tennis

other sports

autocross, billiard, fatbike, floorball, hockeyball, kiting, korfball, kryatlon, icebergs, ski orienteering, methane, rope skipping, longboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, chess, taekwondo ITF,

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