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Igelit bags can no longer be free

From the new year, the "plastic" bag has to be charged. The amendment brings the amendment to the Packaging Act. The Czech Republic has thus joined a number of other EU countries that have banned forbidden "plastics" for environmental reasons.

Since the beginning of this year, plastic carry bags have been charged. The exception is very light plastic bags with a wall thickness of up to 15 microns, which are necessary for hygienic reasons or are provided as a sales package for bulk foods (such as pastries, vegetables) if their use helps to prevent food waste.

Traders have to pay for "plastic" not just symbolically, but the price charged has to be proven to cover their costs. The purpose of this Act is to protect the environment by preventing the generation of packaging waste, in particular by reducing the weight, volume and the harmfulness of packaging.

* * * *
§ 3
(3) A plastic carry bag may be provided to the consumer at the point of sale of the product at least for the reimbursement of costs corresponding to the cost of its purchase. This does not apply if it is a very light plastic carrying bag.
Disciple. No. 477/2001 Coll., on packaging

* * * *

The Czech Trade Inspectorate, which is also supposed to oversee this obligation, wants consumers and entrepreneurs to make an alert for the amendment to be properly informed. No massive controls aimed at offering these plastic bags at the beginning of the year are not planned by the CTI, however, as part of routine inspections, inspectors will gradually follow compliance with this new obligation.

Source: tz CTI

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