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Mexican Magic Concert: mariachi, Castilian classic and excellent swing

The atmosphere of true fiesta, full of temperament, sun and passion, will be brought to the Hybernie project in Mexico, Mágico / Magical Mexico, on January 24, 2018. In the Latin-rhythm program, the mariachi songs and Castilian inspiration or the full swing sound of the Swing Big Band will be heard, and a unique combination of seemingly incompatible worlds.

The concert brings the Guitar across the genres in collaboration with the United Mexican Embassy. "The guitar is one of Mexico's cultural symbols, and it has, thanks to its specific historical context, close to Central Europe. Evening guitar plays in the evening, but we are also planning a number of other surprises, including the Aztecs' Indian dance, " adds Stanislav Barek .

The January evening warmers visitors with energetic music and dancing. The varied program will first bring Mexican inspiration for solo guitar by Stanislav Barko .
Alejandro Santillan will then perform with the accompaniment of Edwin Aguirre drums Danza el Fuego - dancing of the Aztecs, representatives of one of the oldest cultures of pre-Columbian Mexico. Music of the indigenous people of other Latin American countries are engaged Band Encuentro. A collection of historical music, Karmin, will highlight the importance of the Marian cult in Mexico, while highlighting the musical influences of continental Spain. He plays a song from the collection of Cantigas de Santa Maria , which was created in the courtyard of the Castilian Emperor Alfons X. The Learned. It also introduces the composition of Cedit frigus hiemale from the Santa Maria de Ripoll monastery, a well-known center of Spanish medieval culture.
Mariachi Azteca de Praga, led by Alejandro Tamez, invites you to visit Mexican folklore from history to the present.
The end of the evening in the dance rhythm is given to the excellent Original Vintage Orchestra by Petra Kroutil . A swing big band that plays together with Mariachi Azteca de Praga Mexican compositions arranged by composer Omar Rojas . In addition, there will be pearls from the swing classic and the main hit will be the Mexican punk band Three Sisters . Dramaturgy and initiator of the project is the musician Lenka Mitášová.

Visitors will also enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine and an exhibition of traditional jewelery, fabrics, clothing, dishes and other unique handicraft products from Latin America.

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