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Australian fires can spread unexpected offenders. Prey birds

Australia these days face a wave of heat that causes a number of devastating fires. And to make it a little, scientists have now come up with a study according to which birds of prey are also behind the spread of fires. It informs ScienceAlert.

Bird's arsonists

The scientists watched as the birds carried away in their beaks, burning twigs, and distributed them within a distance of one kilometer from the border of the fire .

They are selected at the site bounded by a water surface, road, or fire brigade with an artificially created divider. Then they're just waiting for the prey that runs out of the panic.

Bird arsonists are recruited primarily from the ranks of the brown kite, the whirlwind of the whistle and the rarosa of the variable.

The report on birdwatchers may seem shocking, but the authors of the study note that Aboriginians - the native Australians - have known their "criminal" behavior for thousands of years.

"Most of the data we've been working with corresponds to the knowledge of natives who have this knowledge for over 40,000 years," says geographer Mark Bonta in an interview with National Geographic.

According to an Australian ethnobiologist and a lawyer representing the interests of Aboriginal Bob Gosford, the behavior of predators is unconscious. Based on his observations, he is convinced that it is organized hunting.

"It's a deliberate strategy to easily feed a large number of birds,"
he told the Washington Post in 2016. "If this hypothesis is correct, we will no longer be able to say that conscious use of the fire is purely human," he adds.


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