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Healing rehabilitation step by step

Disease treatment is not just about medicines and operations. Especially recently, medicine places great emphasis on a comprehensive approach to human health. An important part of this approach is also rehabilitation, which we will be introducing closer.

Rehabilitation is a set of methods designed to minimize the impact of the disease on the life of the patient in all respects. In a wider sense, it also deals with the social and psychological aspects of the disease.

Physiotherapy and other therapies

In the narrower sense, we talk about so-called therapeutic rehabilitation. It focuses primarily on the symptoms of the disease. It supports healing and tries to prevent further complications. The patient should maintain or regain the highest level of physical function.

One of the important methods of medical rehabilitation is physiotherapy. It mainly uses mechanical energy to influence the movement system at all levels. Another component is ergotherapy, which, through the employment of an individual, seeks to maintain its ability to perform everyday tasks. However, the overall scope of the methods used is very wide.

Therapeutic-rehabilitation plan

Based on the course of the disease, condition and feelings of the patient, a rehabilitation plan is first developed. According to the time horizon, it is divided into a plan:
short term, which defines treatment procedures in the early phase, generally lasting 6 weeks,
long term, which defines the follow-up care and procedures necessary to maintain the status quo.

Based on the rehabilitation plan, it is possible to divide the process of healing rehabilitation into several stages. Each of them has its own specifics and goals.

Rehabilitation acute
. It happens just after the accident or illness. Mobility is greatly restricted due to swelling, pain or the presence of plaque. The goal of this phase is to reduce the loss of muscle mass and speed healing. For example, hydrotherapy or lymph drainage can be used. It also includes training for proper compensation (for example, cowboy training). This part of the rehabilitation plan usually takes place in a bedside department.

Rehabilitation early . It occurs when the affected area returns mobility. To speed up healing, the first phase methods can be continued. However, some forms of physical load are added to try to restore joint flexibility, muscle strength and stamina.

Rehabilitation late . Continuing in the exercises from the previous phase, the muscles are strengthened and the proper movement habits are gradually being developed. Active stretching of the muscles to restore elasticity can be added.

Convalescence . The main goal is to return to more demanding activities such as work or sport. Special exercises are sometimes required to maintain strength and mobility. At this stage, exercises may be more demanding. Sometimes it is appropriate to wear a sports orthosis.

These phases are indicative only. The specific form of rehabilitation depends on the patient, his illness, the difficulties and the cooperation with doctors.

Source: Medicina

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