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LA PELÍCULA will offer horror, dramas and comedy, and a film about Saura

The famous Spanish horror, fresh comedies, historical pictures, sophisticated thrillers, psychological dramas, and excellent documents - the La Película festival, which begins on February 13, is again preparing for its fans a varied film feast.

Viewers can look forward to four prizes Goya-winning revenge thriller Late anger (Tarde para la ira), a historical film from the Spanish Civil War Uncertain Glory (Incerti gloria), comedy Marisa in the woods (Marisa en los Bosques) or very current and an irony surrounding the film about the practices of contemporary politics Selfie. Current images from Mexico, Venezuela or Panama will also be missing.

The program also features one of the most outstanding personalities of Spanish cinema - Carlose Sauru . It will bring out a new unique document with the adventurous name Saura (Saura (s)). "Although Carlos Saura is now a classic of Spanish and world cinema, there are not many books on it, and even fewer films will be found. It is known that he does not like talking about his work, which has led the director of this document to an unusual approach. He addressed all the descendants of Saura's clan and told them about his father and his work, " explains festival playwright David Čeněk. The result is a multi-layered story of the films and life of world-renowned director, screenwriter, photographer and writer Carlo Saura, who recently celebrated his 50th birthday.


La Película will be held from 13 to 18 February 2018 in the premises of the Světozor cinema in Prague and from 20 to 22 February in Ostrava Minikina. From 26th to 28th February, Spanish films will be able to enjoy audiences at Bio Central in Hradec Kralove, and at the end, March 2 - 4, Spanish will be at the Scala Cinema in Brno.

This year's dramaturgy surrenders the retrospective section of the tribute to the famous Spanish actress and singer Ane Belén . During her rich career, the famous Spanish diva worked with some of the most famous Spanish directors, and in the early 1990s she even became a director. In addition to a very successful film career, Ane Belén managed to humiliate the music scene. In 2017 she received the Goya award for her contribution to Spanish cinematography from the Spanish Film Academy.

At the La Película festival, viewers will have the opportunity to see, for example, one of the most successful films of the eighties Demonios en el Jardín in the garden during the last few years of free Spanish society before the end of the Spanish Civil War or the excellent comedy Love seriously damages health (El amor perjudica seriamente la salud), in which a younger colleague named Penélope Cruz appears on the canvas next to Any Belén. Attention should also be paid to the film adaptation of the famous "The House of Bernarda Alba" by the House of Bernarda Alba and the chamber drama Tormento.

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