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Journalists have awarded Hyundai NEXO the prestigious prize

One of the major news of this year's Consumer Electronic Show (CES) - the Hyundai NEXO FCV - won the prize.

The NEXO hydrogen powered car won the 2018 award as a key product in the auto-moto category. It has become one of the 34 award-winning products that have been selected among the tens of thousands of products introduced at this year's electronics trade fair and CES technology.

"Nexo is the culmination of state-of-the-art alternative drive technology and is a proof of Hyundai's leadership in this category," said Mike O'Brien, Vice President of Hyundai Motor America. "Hydrogen energy is key to building a more sustainable society, and Hyundai is proud to see Hyundai, that she stands at her performance to a wider audience. "

The Awards are awarded annually on the basis of a team of editors and scientists who are evaluating the vast array of products presented at CES.

Hyundai Nexo is the second generation of mass-produced fuel cell vehicles to be available in selected markets around the world from the start of 2018. Compared to the first generation, it will offer longer mileage, improved acceleration, extreme weather conditions, and improved safety assistants such as blind angle or lane assistant.


The new Hyundai, powered by hydrogen fuel cell electricity, is called NEXO. The new offers the most advanced assistance and safety systems and is supposed to be the flagship of technologically advanced Hyundai cars. The automaker intends to bring 18 eco-friendly cars to the world markets by 2025.

The new SUV brings some new breakthroughs to today's eco-mobility. The automaker announced several major enhancements in the system of autonomous driving or for example the possibility of linking the vehicle with homes through technology IoT (Internet of Things - IOT). Other innovations include intelligent voice control of vehicle functions , monitoring of driver stress and driver lifestyle, and the ability of the car to respond adequately.

The Blind-Spot View Monitor (BVM) is a fresh innovation. Drivers are able to observe the car's surroundings on the central display when changing lanes in both directions thanks to cameras. The system uses wide angle (SVM) monitors on each side of the vehicle to track places that can not be seen in the rearview mirror.

As the first Hyundai model, NEXO also offers a completely new Lane After Assist (LFA) to help keep the car in the middle of the lane at speeds from 0 to 144 km / h both on motorways and on the streets of the city. Together with the HDA (Highway Driving Assist), which uses sensitive sensors and map data to ensure safe operation and automatic speed adjustment, drivers will be able to overcome long distances with even greater comfort and safety.

The car also offers remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA), which allows you to park, get out of the garage or parking space even without a driver in your car. The system can also park in the perpendicular parking space while the driver is out of the car on the pavement.

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